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Factory for creating i18n messages.

src/z/t/ztfy.ldap-0.1.3/src/ztfy/ldap/auth/interfaces/__init__.py   ztfy.ldap(Download)
# import local packages
from ztfy.ldap import _
class ILDAPGroupInfo(ILDAPPrincipalInfo):
    """Marker interface for an LDAP group principal"""
    plugin = Attribute(_("LDAP groups folder authentication plug-in"))
class ILDAPGroupsFolder(ILDAPAuthenticationPlugin):
    """LDAP GroupsFolder plug-in interface for Pluggable Authentication"""
    authenticatorName = Choice(title=_("LDAP authenticator name"),
                               description=_("Name of the LDAP authenticator plug-in used to authenticate users"),
                               vocabulary="LDAP authenticator names",
    groupIdPrefix = TextLine(title=_("Group ID prefix"),

src/z/t/ztfy.ldap-0.1.3/src/ztfy/ldap/auth/__init__.py   ztfy.ldap(Download)
from ztfy.utils.request import queryRequest
from ztfy.ldap import _
from zope.pluggableauth.interfaces import IFoundPrincipalCreated
from ztfy.ldap.auth.interfaces import ILDAPPrincipalInfo, ILDAPGroupInfo
               u'group': _("Use group attribute containing it's members list"),
               u'principal': _("Use principal attribute containing it's groups list")
                    u'none': _("None (only use members own mail address)"),
                    u'internal': _("Use group internal attribute"),
                    u'redirect': _("Use another group internal attribute")