# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2013 Alexander Shorin
# All rights reserved.
# This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
# you should have received as part of this distribution.
from collections import Iterable
from .compat import unicode
from .constants import (
    from itertools import izip_longest
except ImportError:  # Python 3
    from itertools import zip_longest as izip_longest
def decode(data, encoding=ENCODING):
    """Common ASTM decoding function that tries to guess which kind of data it
    If `data` starts with STX character (``0x02``) than probably it is
    full ASTM message with checksum and other system characters.
    If `data` starts with digit character (``0-9``) than probably it is
    frame of records leading by his sequence number. No checksum is expected
    in this case.
    Otherwise it counts `data` as regular record structure.
    Note, that `data` should be bytes, not unicode string even if you know his
    :param data: ASTM data object.
    :type data: bytes
    :param encoding: Data encoding.
    :type encoding: str
    :return: List of ASTM records with unicode data.
    :rtype: list
    if not isinstance(data, bytes):
        raise TypeError('bytes expected, got %r' % data)
    if data.startswith(STX):  # may be decode message \x02...\x03CS\r\n
        seq, records, cs = decode_message(data, encoding)
        return records
    byte = data[:1].decode()
    if  byte.isdigit():
        seq, records = decode_frame(data, encoding)
        return records
    return [decode_record(data, encoding)]
def decode_message(message, encoding):
    """Decodes complete ASTM message that is sent or received due
    communication routines. It should contains checksum that would be
    additionally verified.
    :param message: ASTM message.
    :type message: bytes
    :param encoding: Data encoding.
    :type encoding: str
    :returns: Tuple of three elements:
        * :class:`int` frame sequence number.
        * :class:`list` of records with unicode data.
        * :class:`bytes` checksum.
        * :exc:`ValueError` if ASTM message is malformed.
        * :exc:`AssertionError` if checksum verification fails.
    if not isinstance(message, bytes):
        raise TypeError('bytes expected, got %r' % message)
    if not (message.startswith(STX) and message.endswith(CRLF)):
        raise ValueError('Malformed ASTM message. Expected that it will started'
                         ' with %x and followed by %x%x characters. Got: %r'
                         ' ' % (ord(STX), ord(CR), ord(LF), message))
    stx, frame_cs = message[0], message[1:-2]
    frame, cs = frame_cs[:-2], frame_cs[-2:]
    ccs = make_checksum(frame)
    assert cs == ccs, 'Checksum failure: expected %r, calculated %r' % (cs, ccs)
    seq, records = decode_frame(frame, encoding)
    return seq, records, cs.decode()
def decode_frame(frame, encoding):
    """Decodes ASTM frame: list of records followed by sequence number."""
    if not isinstance(frame, bytes):
        raise TypeError('bytes expected, got %r' % frame)
    if frame.endswith(CR + ETX):
        frame = frame[:-2]
    elif frame.endswith(ETB):
        frame = frame[:-1]
        raise ValueError('Incomplete frame data %r.'
                         ' Expected trailing <CR><ETX> or <ETB> chars' % frame)
    seq = frame[:1].decode()
    if not seq.isdigit():
        raise ValueError('Malformed ASTM frame. Expected leading seq number %r'
                         '' % frame)
    seq, records = int(seq), frame[1:]
    return seq, [decode_record(record, encoding)
                 for record in records.split(RECORD_SEP)]
def decode_record(record, encoding):
    """Decodes ASTM record message."""
    fields = []
    for item in record.split(FIELD_SEP):
        if REPEAT_SEP in item:
            item = decode_repeated_component(item, encoding)
        elif COMPONENT_SEP in item:
            item = decode_component(item, encoding)
            item = item.decode(encoding)
        fields.append([None, item][bool(item)])
    return fields
def decode_component(field, encoding):
    """Decodes ASTM field component."""
    return [[None, item.decode(encoding)][bool(item)]
            for item in field.split(COMPONENT_SEP)]
def decode_repeated_component(component, encoding):
    """Decodes ASTM field repeated component."""
    return [decode_component(item, encoding)
            for item in component.split(REPEAT_SEP)]
def encode(records, encoding=ENCODING, size=None, seq=1):
    """Encodes list of records into single ASTM message, also called as "packed"
    If you need to get each record as standalone message use :func:`iter_encode`
    If the result message is too large (greater than specified `size` if it's
    not :const:`None`), than it will be split by chunks.
    :param records: List of ASTM records.
    :type records: list
    :param encoding: Data encoding.
    :type encoding: str
    :param size: Chunk size in bytes.
    :type size: int
    :param seq: Frame start sequence number.
    :type seq: int
    :return: List of ASTM message chunks.
    :rtype: list
    msg = encode_message(seq, records, encoding)
    if size is not None and len(msg) > size:
        return list(split(msg, size))
    return [msg]
def iter_encode(records, encoding=ENCODING, size=None, seq=1):
    """Encodes and emits each record as separate message.
    If the result message is too large (greater than specified `size` if it's
    not :const:`None`), than it will be split by chunks.
    :yields: ASTM message chunks.
    :rtype: str
    for record in records:
        msg = encode_message(seq, [record], encoding)
        if size is not None and len(msg) > size:
            for chunk in split(msg, size):
                seq += 1
                yield chunk
            seq += 1
            yield msg
def encode_message(seq, records, encoding):
    """Encodes ASTM message.
    :param seq: Frame sequence number.
    :type seq: int
    :param records: List of ASTM records.
    :type records: list
    :param encoding: Data encoding.
    :type encoding: str
    :return: ASTM complete message with checksum and other control characters.
    :rtype: str
    data = RECORD_SEP.join(encode_record(record, encoding)
                           for record in records)
    data = b''.join((str(seq % 8).encode(), data, CR, ETX))
    return b''.join([STX, data, make_checksum(data), CR, LF])
def encode_record(record, encoding):
    """Encodes single ASTM record.
    :param record: ASTM record. Each :class:`str`-typed item counted as field
                   value, one level nested :class:`list` counted as components
                   and second leveled - as repeated components.
    :type record: list
    :param encoding: Data encoding.
    :type encoding: str
    :returns: Encoded ASTM record.
    :rtype: str
    fields = []
    _append = fields.append
    for field in record:
        if isinstance(field, bytes):
        elif isinstance(field, unicode):
        elif isinstance(field, Iterable):
            _append(encode_component(field, encoding))
        elif field is None:
    return FIELD_SEP.join(fields)
def encode_component(component, encoding):
    """Encodes ASTM record field components."""
    items = []
    _append = items.append
    for item in component:
        if isinstance(item, bytes):
        elif isinstance(item, unicode):
        elif isinstance(item, Iterable):
            return encode_repeated_component(component, encoding)
        elif item is None:
    return COMPONENT_SEP.join(items).rstrip(COMPONENT_SEP)
def encode_repeated_component(components, encoding):
    """Encodes repeated components."""
    return REPEAT_SEP.join(encode_component(item, encoding)
                           for item in components)
def make_checksum(message):
    """Calculates checksum for specified message.
    :param message: ASTM message.
    :type message: bytes
    :returns: Checksum value that is actually byte sized integer in hex base
    :rtype: bytes
    if not isinstance(message[0], int):
        message = map(ord, message)
    return hex(sum(message) & 0xFF)[2:].upper().zfill(2).encode()
def make_chunks(s, n):
    iter_bytes = (s[i:i + 1] for i in range(len(s)))
    return [b''.join(item)
            for item in izip_longest(*[iter_bytes] * n, fillvalue=b'')]
def split(msg, size):
    """Split `msg` into chunks with specified `size`.
    Chunk `size` value couldn't be less then 7 since each chunk goes with at
    least 7 special characters: STX, frame number, ETX or ETB, checksum and
    message terminator.
    :param msg: ASTM message.
    :type msg: bytes
    :param size: Chunk size in bytes.
    :type size: int
    :yield: `bytes`
    stx, frame, msg, tail = msg[:1], msg[1:2], msg[2:-6], msg[-6:]
    assert stx == STX
    assert frame.isdigit()
    assert tail.endswith(CRLF)
    assert size is not None and size >= 7
    frame = int(frame)
    chunks = make_chunks(msg, size - 7)
    chunks, last = chunks[:-1], chunks[-1]
    idx = 0
    for idx, chunk in enumerate(chunks):
        item = b''.join([str((idx + frame) % 8).encode(), chunk, ETB])
        yield b''.join([STX, item, make_checksum(item), CRLF])
    item = b''.join([str((idx + frame + 1) % 8).encode(), last, CR, ETX])
    yield b''.join([STX, item, make_checksum(item), CRLF])
def join(chunks):
    """Merges ASTM message `chunks` into single message.
    :param chunks: List of chunks as `bytes`.
    :type chunks: iterable
    msg = b'1' + b''.join(c[2:-5] for c in chunks) + ETX
    return b''.join([STX, msg, make_checksum(msg), CRLF])
def is_chunked_message(message):
    """Checks plain message for chunked byte."""
    length = len(message)
    if len(message) < 5:
        return False
    if ETB not in message:
        return False
    return message.index(ETB) == length - 5