This is being kept around only to support legacy reports
import datetime
from django.template.context import Context
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
import pytz
import warnings
from casexml.apps.case.models import CommCareCase
from corehq.apps.commtrack.models import Location, Program
from corehq.apps.domain.models import Domain, LICENSES
from corehq.apps.fixtures.models import FixtureDataItem, FixtureDataType
from corehq.apps.orgs.models import Organization
from corehq.apps.reports import util
from corehq.apps.groups.models import Group
from corehq.apps.reports.filters.base import BaseReportFilter, BaseSingleOptionFilter
from corehq.apps.reports.models import HQUserType
from dimagi.utils.couch.database import get_db
from dimagi.utils.dates import DateSpan
from dimagi.utils.decorators.datespan import datespan_in_request
from corehq.apps.locations.util import load_locs_json, location_hierarchy_config
from django.conf import settings
import json
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_noop
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
from corehq.apps.reports.cache import CacheableRequestMixIn, request_cache
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
import uuid
from corehq.apps.users.models import WebUser
class ReportField(CacheableRequestMixIn):
    slug = ""
    template = ""
    def __init__(self, request, domain=None, timezone=pytz.utc, parent_report=None):
            "ReportField (%s) is deprecated. Use ReportFilter instead." % (
        self.context = Context()
        self.request = request
        self.domain = domain
        self.timezone = timezone
        self.parent_report = parent_report
    def render(self):
        if not self.template: return ""
        self.context["slug"] = self.slug
        return render_to_string(self.template, self.context)
    def update_context(self):
        If your select field needs some context (for example, to set the default) you can set that up here.
class ReportSelectField(ReportField):
    slug = "generic_select"
    name = ugettext_noop("Generic Select")
    template = "reports/dont_use_fields/select_generic.html"
    default_option = ugettext_noop("Select Something...")
    options = [dict(val="val", text="text")]
    cssId = "generic_select_box"
    cssClasses = "span4"
    selected = None
    hide_field = False
    as_combo = False
    placeholder = ''
    help_text = ''
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(ReportSelectField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        # need to randomize cssId so knockout bindings won't clobber each other
        # when multiple select controls on screen at once
        nonce = uuid.uuid4().hex[-12:]
        self.cssId = '%s-%s' % (self.cssId, nonce)
    def update_params(self):
        self.selected = self.request.GET.get(self.slug)
    def update_context(self):
        self.context['hide_field'] = self.hide_field
        self.context['help_text'] = self.help_text
        self.context['select'] = dict(
class FilterUsersField(ReportField):
    # TODO: move all this to UserTypeFilter
    slug = "ufilter"
    template = "reports/dont_use_fields/filter_users.html"
    always_show_filter = False
    can_be_empty = False
    def update_context(self):
        toggle, show_filter = self.get_user_filter(self.request)
        self.context['show_user_filter'] = show_filter
        self.context['toggle_users'] = toggle
        self.context['can_be_empty'] = self.can_be_empty
    def get_user_filter(cls, request):
        ufilter = group = individual = None
            if request.GET.get('ufilter', ''):
                ufilter = request.GET.getlist('ufilter')
            group = request.GET.get('group', '')
            individual = request.GET.get('individual', '')
        except KeyError:
        except AttributeError:
        show_filter = True
        toggle = HQUserType.use_defaults()
        if not cls.always_show_filter and (group or individual):
            show_filter = False
        elif ufilter:
            toggle = HQUserType.use_filter(ufilter)
        return toggle, show_filter
class SelectMobileWorkerMixin(object):
    slug = "select_mw"
    name = ugettext_noop("Select Mobile Worker")
    def get_default_text(cls, user_filter, default_option=None):
        default = default_option or cls.default_option
        if user_filter[HQUserType.ADMIN].show or \
           user_filter[HQUserType.DEMO_USER].show or user_filter[HQUserType.UNKNOWN].show:
            default = _('%s & Others') % _(default)
        return default
class SelectMobileWorkerField(SelectMobileWorkerMixin, ReportField):
    template = "reports/dont_use_fields/select_mobile_worker.html"
    default_option = ugettext_noop("All Mobile Workers")
    filter_users_field_class = FilterUsersField
    def __init__(self, request, domain=None, timezone=pytz.utc, parent_report=None, filter_users_field_class=None):
        super(SelectMobileWorkerField, self).__init__(request, domain, timezone, parent_report)
        if filter_users_field_class:
            self.filter_users_field_class = filter_users_field_class
    def update_params(self):
    def update_context(self):
        self.user_filter, _ = self.filter_users_field_class.get_user_filter(self.request)
        self.individual = self.request.GET.get('individual', '')
        self.default_option = self.get_default_text(self.user_filter)
        self.users = util.user_list(self.domain)
        self.context['field_name'] = self.name
        self.context['default_option'] = self.default_option
        self.context['users'] = self.users
        self.context['individual'] = self.individual
class SelectFilteredMobileWorkerField(SelectMobileWorkerField):
        This is a little field for use when a client really wants to filter by
        individuals from a specific group.  Since by default we still want to
        show all the data, no filtering is done unless the special group filter
        is selected.
    slug = "select_filtered_mw"
    name = ugettext_noop("Select Mobile Worker")
    template = "reports/dont_use_fields/select_filtered_mobile_worker.html"
    default_option = ugettext_noop("All Mobile Workers...")
    # Whether to display both the default option and "Only <group> Mobile
    # Workers" or just the default option (useful when using a single
    # group_name and changing default_option to All <group> Workers)
    show_only_group_option = True
    group_names = []
    def update_params(self):
        if not self.individual:
            self.individual = self.request.GET.get('filtered_individual', '')
        self.users = []
        self.group_options = []
        for group in self.group_names:
            filtered_group = Group.by_name(self.domain, group)
            if filtered_group:
                if self.show_only_group_option:
                        name=_("Only %s Mobile Workers") % group))
                self.users.extend(filtered_group.get_users(is_active=True, only_commcare=True))
    def update_context(self):
        super(SelectFilteredMobileWorkerField, self).update_context()
        self.context['users'] = self.users_to_options(self.users)
        self.context['group_options'] = self.group_options
    def users_to_options(user_list):
        return [dict(val=user.user_id,
            is_active=user.is_active) for user in user_list]
class BooleanField(ReportField):
    slug = "checkbox"
    label = "hello"
    template = "reports/partials/checkbox.html"
    def update_context(self):
        self.context['label'] = self.label
        self.context[self.slug] = self.request.GET.get(self.slug, False)
        self.context['checked'] = self.request.GET.get(self.slug, False)
class StrongFilterUsersField(FilterUsersField):
        Version of the FilterUsersField that always actually uses and shows this filter
        When using this field:
            use SelectMobileWorkerFieldHack instead of SelectMobileWorkerField
            if using ProjectReportParametersMixin make sure filter_users_field_class is set to this
    always_show_filter = True
    can_be_empty = True
class UserOrGroupField(ReportSelectField):
        To Use: Subclass and specify what the field options should be
    slug = "view_by"
    name = "View by Users or Groups"
    cssId = "view_by_select"
    cssClasses = "span2"
    default_option = "Users"
    def update_params(self):
        self.selected = self.request.GET.get(self.slug, '')
        self.options = [{'val': 'groups', 'text': 'Groups'}]
class SelectProgramField(ReportSelectField):
    slug = "program"
    name = ugettext_noop("Program")
    cssId = "program_select"
    default_option = 'All'
    def update_params(self):
        self.selected = self.request.GET.get('program')
        user = WebUser.get_by_username(str(self.request.user))
        if not self.selected and \
           self.selected != '' and \
            self.selected = user.get_domain_membership(self.domain).program_id
        self.programs = Program.by_domain(self.domain)
        opts = [dict(val=program.get_id, text=program.name) for program in self.programs]
        self.options = opts
class GroupFieldMixin():
    slug = "group"
    name = ugettext_noop("Group")
    cssId = "group_select"
class ReportMultiSelectField(ReportSelectField):
    template = "reports/dont_use_fields/multiselect_generic.html"
    selected = []
    # auto_select
    default_option = []
    # enfore as_combo = False ?
    def update_params(self):
        self.selected = self.request.GET.getlist(self.slug) or self.default_option
class MultiSelectGroupField(GroupFieldMixin, ReportMultiSelectField):
    default_option = ['_all']
    placeholder = 'Click to select groups'
    help_text = "Start typing to select one or more groups"
    def options(self):
        self.groups = Group.get_reporting_groups(self.domain)
        opts = [dict(val=group.get_id, text=group.name) for group in self.groups]
        opts.insert(0, {'text': 'All', 'val': '_all'})
        return opts