from DateTime import DateTime
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from ftw.bridge.client.interfaces import IBrainRepresentation
from ftw.bridge.client.interfaces import IBrainSerializer
from ftw.bridge.client.utils import get_brain_url
from zope.interface import implements
import Missing
class BrainSerializer(object):
    def serialize_brains(self, results):
        data = []
        for brain in results:
        return data
    def deserialize_brains(self, data, total_length=None):
        if not isinstance(data, list):
            raise ValueError('data should be a list, got %s' % type(data))
        results = []
        for brain_data in data:
            brain_data = self._decode_data(brain_data)
        return BrainResultSet(results, total_length)
    def _serialize_brain(self, brain):
        data = {self._encode('_url'): self._encode(get_brain_url(brain))}
        for name in self._get_metadata_names(brain):
            value = getattr(brain, name, None)
            data[self._encode(name)] = self._encode(value)
        return data
    def _encode(self, value):
        if isinstance(value, str):
            return value.decode('utf-8')
        elif value is Missing.Value:
            return [':Missing.Value']
        elif isinstance(value, DateTime):
            return [':DateTime', str(value)]
        elif isinstance(value, tuple):
            return list(value)
        return value
    def _decode(self, value):
        if isinstance(value, unicode):
            return value.encode('utf-8')
        elif isinstance(value, list) and len(value) < 1:
            return value
        elif isinstance(value, list) and value[0] == ':Missing.Value':
            return Missing.Value
        elif isinstance(value, list) and value[0] == ':DateTime':
            return DateTime(value[1])
        return value
    def _decode_data(self, data):
        new_data = {}
        for key, value in data.items():
            new_data[self._decode(key)] = self._decode(value)
        return new_data
    def _get_metadata_names(self, brain):
        catalog = getToolByName(brain, 'portal_catalog')
        return catalog._catalog.names
class BrainResultSet(list):
    def __init__(self, data, total_length):
        super(BrainResultSet, self).__init__(data)
        self._total_length = total_length
    def get_total_length(self):
        return self._total_length
class BrainRepresentation(object):
    def __init__(self, data):
        self._data = data
    def __getattr__(self, name):
        if name in self._data:
            return self._data[name]
            raise AttributeError(name)
    def getURL(self):
        return self._url