from collective.geo.contentlocations.interfaces import IGeoManager
from ftw.geo import _
from ftw.geo.interfaces import IGeocodableLocation
from geopy import geocoders
from plone.memoize import ram
from Products.statusmessages.interfaces import IStatusMessage
from urllib2 import URLError
from ZODB.POSException import ConflictError
from zope.annotation.interfaces import IAnnotations
from zope.component import queryAdapter
from zope.component.hooks import getSite
from zope.interface import alsoProvides
from zope.interface import Interface
from zope.interface import noLongerProvides
    # geopy < 0.96
    from geopy.geocoders.googlev3 import GQueryError
    from geopy.geocoders.googlev3 import GTooManyQueriesError
    GeocoderQueryError = GQueryError
    GeocoderQuotaExceeded = GTooManyQueriesError
except ImportError:
    # geopy >= 0.96
    from geopy.exc import GeocoderQueryError
    from geopy.exc import GeocoderQuotaExceeded
LOCATION_KEY = 'ftw.geo.interfaces.IGeocodableLocation'
def display_status_message(msg):
    site = getSite()
    status = IStatusMessage(site.REQUEST)
    status.addStatusMessage(msg, type='info')
@ram.cache(lambda m, loc: loc)
def geocode_location(location):
    """Does a geocode lookup for `location` using the Google geocode API and
    returns a 3-tuple (place, coords, msg).
    If more than one result has been found, the first one is selected and
    `msg` will contain a status message telling the user which place has
    been selected.
    msg = None
    # Google map api v3 does not take any api key
    # Check GoogleV3 implementation
    gmgeocoder = geocoders.GoogleV3()
        results = list(gmgeocoder.geocode(location, exactly_one=False))
        place, coords = results[0]
        if len(results) > 1:
            msg = _(u'msg_multiple_matches',
                    default=u'More than one location found, chose first match '
                    '"${place}". Please check that coordinates are correct.',
        return (place, coords, msg)
    except GeocoderQueryError:
        # Couldn't find a suitable location
        msg = _(u'msg_no_match',
                default=u'Couldn\'t find a suitable match for location '
                '"${location}". Please use the "coordinates" tab to manually '
                'set the correct map loaction.',
    except GeocoderQuotaExceeded:
        msg = _(u'msg_too_many_queries',
                default=u'Geocoding failed because daily query limit has '
                'been exceeded.')
    except URLError:
        msg = _(u'msg_network_error',
                default=u'Geocoding failed because of a network error.')
    except ConflictError:
    except Exception, e:
        msg = _(u'msg_unhandled_exception',
                default=u'Geocoding failed because of an error: ${exception}',
class IGeoCoding(Interface):
    """Interface used on the request for preventing recursive firing the event.
def geocodeAddressHandler(obj, event):
    """Handler to automatically do geocoding lookups for IGeoreferenceable
    objects that have an IGeocodableLocation adapter.
    # When creating the obj, it has no request - we need to get it
    # from the site.
    request = getSite().REQUEST
    # When we run the gecode address handler it will fire an object modified
    # event - but we are subscribing to this event. This will result in a
    # recursion unless we prevent it.
    if IGeoCoding.providedBy(request):
    alsoProvides(request, IGeoCoding)
    location_adapter = queryAdapter(obj, IGeocodableLocation)
    if not location_adapter:
    location = location_adapter.getLocationString()
    if location:
        ann = queryAdapter(obj, IAnnotations)
        previous_location = ann.get(LOCATION_KEY)
        # Only do the geocoding lookup if the location changed
        if not location == previous_location:
            geocoding_result = geocode_location(location)
            if geocoding_result:
                _place, coords, msg = geocoding_result
                if msg:
                geo_manager = queryAdapter(obj, IGeoManager)
                geo_manager.setCoordinates('Point', (coords[1], coords[0]))
                # Update the stored location
                ann[LOCATION_KEY] = location
    noLongerProvides(request, IGeoCoding)