Created on Jan 12, 2012
@author: pfl
You all need to add a button to this main window. Put your game in a separate package.
remember to commit often !
Push your changes to your own repository on gitHub : "Team/Push upstream"
When you have something you want to share with the rest of us, make a "Pull request" on gitHub.
If you want the latest from some elses repository (maybe mine) you must do this:
    1 - add my repsotitory as an upstream fetch
            "Team / Remote / Configure Fetch from Upstream..."
    2 - get the code from this upstream repository
import tkinter as tk
import mypopup.popupclass as vpopup
import Apple
def popout():
    other = tk.Toplevel()
    other.title("Second Window")
    otherlabel = tk.Label(other, text='this is it', relief = tk.RIDGE)
    otherlabel.pack(side=tk.TOP, fill = tk.BOTH, expand = tk.YES)
def gameNilsas():
    other1 = tk.Toplevel()
    other1.title("The iGame")
    otherlabel = tk.Label(other1, text='Entering The apple game', relief = tk.RIDGE)
    otherlabel.pack(side=tk.TOP, fill = tk.BOTH, expand = tk.YES)
if __name__ == '__main__':
    win = tk.Frame()
    # Flindt
    # Everyone should add their own button like this 
    buttonGameFlindt = tk.Button( win, text = "a puzzle", command = win.quit).pack(side=tk.TOP)
    buttonVictor = tk.Button( win, text="TEST", command=vpopup.MyClass).pack(side=tk.BOTTOM)
    buttonQuit = tk.Button( win, text = "Quit", command = win.quit).pack(side=tk.RIGHT)    
    buttonVictor = tk.Button( win, text="TEST", command=popout).pack(side=tk.TOP)
    buttonNilsas = tk.Button( win, text="Apple Game(Nilsas)", command=gameNilsas).pack(side=tk.TOP)
    buttonQuit = tk.Button( win, text = "Quit", command = win.quit).pack(side=tk.TOP)
#   labelVictor = tk.Label(win, text="Victors stuff here").pack(side=tk.BOTTOM)
#   e = tk.Entry(win)
#   e.pack(side=tk.BOTTOM)
#    def int2hex():
#        hex(int(e.get()))[2:]