# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" An ipython profile for zope and plone.
Some ideas stolen from http://www.tomster.org.
- Stefan Eletzhofer <stefan.eletzhofer@inquant.de>
# File: ipy_profile_zope.py
# Copyright (c) InQuant GmbH
#  Distributed under the terms of the BSD License.  The full license is in
#  the file COPYING, distributed as part of this software.
from IPython import ipapi
from IPython import Release
from types import StringType
import sys
import os
import textwrap
# The import below effectively obsoletes your old-style ipythonrc[.ini],
# so consider yourself warned!
# import ipy_defaults
_marker = []
def shasattr(obj, attr, acquire=False):
    """ See Archetypes/utils.py
    if not acquire:
        obj = obj.aq_base
    return getattr(obj, attr, _marker) is not _marker
class ZopeDebug(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.instancehome = os.environ.get( "INSTANCE_HOME" )
        configfile = os.environ.get( "CONFIG_FILE" )
        if configfile is None and self.instancehome is not None:
            configfile = os.path.join( self.instancehome, "etc", "zope.conf" )
        if configfile is None:
            raise RuntimeError( "CONFIG_FILE env not set" )
        print "CONFIG_FILE=", configfile
        print "INSTANCE_HOME=", self.instancehome
        self.configfile = configfile
            from Zope2 import configure
        except ImportError:
            from Zope import configure
        configure( configfile )
            import Zope2
            app = Zope2.app()
        except ImportError:
            import Zope
            app = Zope.app()
        from Testing.makerequest import makerequest
        self.app = makerequest( app )
            print "Permissive security installed"
            print "Permissive security NOT installed"
        self._pwd = self.portal or self.app
            from zope.component import getSiteManager
            from zope.component import getGlobalSiteManager
            from zope.app.component.hooks import setSite
            if self.portal is not None:
                setSite( self.portal )
                gsm = getGlobalSiteManager()
                sm = getSiteManager()
                if sm is gsm:
                    print "ERROR SETTING SITE!"
    def utils(self):
        class Utils(object):
            commit = self.commit
            sync = self.sync
            objectInfo = self.objectInfo
            ls = self.ls
            pwd = self.pwd
            cd = self.cd
            su = self.su
            getCatalogInfo = self.getCatalogInfo
            def cwd(self):
                return self.pwd()
        return Utils()
    def namespace(self):
        return dict( utils=self.utils, app=self.app, portal=self.portal )
    def portal(self):
        portals = self.app.objectValues( "Plone Site" )
        if len(portals):
            return portals[0]
            raise KeyError( "No Plone Site found.")
    def pwd(self):
        return self._pwd
    def _make_permissive(self):
        Make a permissive security manager with all rights. Hell,
        we're developers, aren't we? Security is for whimps. :)
        from Products.CMFCore.tests.base.security import PermissiveSecurityPolicy
        import AccessControl
        from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager
        from AccessControl.SecurityManager import setSecurityPolicy
        _policy = PermissiveSecurityPolicy()
        self.oldpolicy = setSecurityPolicy(_policy)
        newSecurityManager(None, AccessControl.User.system)
    def su(self, username):
        """ Change to named user.
        # TODO Make it easy to change back to permissive security.
        user = self.portal.acl_users.getUser(username)
        if not user:
            print "Can't find %s in %s" % (username, self.portal.acl_users)
        from AccessControl import ZopeSecurityPolicy
        import AccessControl
        from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager, getSecurityManager
        from AccessControl.SecurityManager import setSecurityPolicy
        _policy = ZopeSecurityPolicy
        self.oldpolicy = setSecurityPolicy(_policy)
        wrapped_user = user.__of__(self.portal.acl_users)
        newSecurityManager(None, user)
        print 'User changed.'
        return getSecurityManager().getUser()
    def getCatalogInfo(self, obj=None, catalog='portal_catalog', query=None, sort_on='created', sort_order='reverse' ):
        """ Inspect portal_catalog. Pass an object or object id for a
        default query on that object, or pass an explicit query.
        if obj and query:
            print "Ignoring %s, using query." % obj
        catalog = self.portal.get(catalog)
        if not catalog:
            return 'No catalog'
        indexes = catalog._catalog.indexes
        if not query:
            if type(obj) is StringType:
                cwd = self.pwd()
                obj = cwd.unrestrictedTraverse( obj )
            # If the default in the signature is mutable, its value will
            # persist across invocations.
            query = {}
            if indexes.get('path'):
                from string import join
                path = join(obj.getPhysicalPath(), '/') 
                query.update({'path': path})
            if indexes.get('getID'):
                query.update({'getID': obj.id, })
            if indexes.get('UID') and shasattr(obj, 'UID'):
                query.update({'UID': obj.UID(), })
        if indexes.get(sort_on):
            query.update({'sort_on': sort_on, 'sort_order': sort_order})
        if not query:
            return 'Empty query'
        results = catalog(**query)
        result_info = []
        for r in results:
            rid = r.getRID()
            if rid:
                        {'path': catalog.getpath(rid),
                        'metadata': catalog.getMetadataForRID(rid),
                        'indexes': catalog.getIndexDataForRID(rid), }
                result_info.append({'missing': rid})
        if len(result_info) == 1:
            return result_info[0]
        return result_info
    def commit(self):
        Commit the transaction.
            import transaction
        except ImportError:
    def sync(self):
        Sync the app's view of the zodb.
    def objectInfo( self, o ):
        Return a descriptive string of an object
        Title = ""
        t = getattr( o, 'Title', None )
        if t:
            Title = t()
        return {'id': o.getId(),
                'Title': Title,
                'portal_type': getattr( o, 'portal_type', o.meta_type),
                'folderish': o.isPrincipiaFolderish
    def cd( self, path ):
        Change current dir to a specific folder.
         cd( ".." )
         cd( "/plone/Members/admin" )
         cd( portal.Members.admin )
        if type(path) is not StringType:
            path = '/'.join(path.getPhysicalPath())
        cwd = self.pwd()
        x = cwd.unrestrictedTraverse( path )
        if x is None:
            raise KeyError( "Can't cd to %s" % path )
        print "%s -> %s" % ( self.pwd().getId(), x.getId() )
        self._pwd = x
    def ls( self, x=None ):
        List object(s)
        if type(x) is StringType:
            cwd = self.pwd()
            x = cwd.unrestrictedTraverse( x )
        if x is None:
            x = self.pwd()
        if x.isPrincipiaFolderish:
            return [self.objectInfo(o) for id, o in x.objectItems()]
            return self.objectInfo( x )
zope_debug = None
def ipy_set_trace():
    import IPython; IPython.Debugger.Pdb().set_trace()
def main():
    global zope_debug
    ip = ipapi.get()
    o = ip.options
    # autocall to "full" mode (smart mode is default, I like full mode)
    SOFTWARE_HOME = os.environ.get( "SOFTWARE_HOME" )
    sys.path.append( SOFTWARE_HOME )
    zope_debug = ZopeDebug()
    # <HACK ALERT>
    import pdb;
    pdb.set_trace = ipy_set_trace
    # </HACK ALERT>
    # I like my banner minimal.
    o.banner = "ZOPE Py %s IPy %s\n" % (sys.version.split('\n')[0],Release.version)
    print textwrap.dedent("""\
        ZOPE mode iPython shell.
          Bound names:
           utils.{ %s }
        Uses the $SOFTWARE_HOME and $CONFIG_FILE environment
        """ % ( ",".join([ x for x in dir(zope_debug.utils) if not x.startswith("_") ] ) ) )
    ip.user_ns.update( zope_debug.namespace )
# vim: set ft=python ts=4 sw=4 expandtab :