#   PyGUI - Printing - Generic
from __future__ import division
from math import ceil
import cPickle as pickle
from GUI.Properties import overridable_property
from GUI import application
class PageSetup(object):
    """Holder of information specified by the "Page Setup" command."""
    paper_name = overridable_property('paper_name')
    paper_width = overridable_property('paper_width')
    paper_height = overridable_property('paper_height')
    left_margin = overridable_property('left_margin')
    top_margin = overridable_property('top_margin')
    right_margin = overridable_property('right_margin')
    bottom_margin = overridable_property('bottom_margin')
    orientation  = overridable_property('orientation')
    paper_size = overridable_property('paper_size')
    margins = overridable_property('margins')
    page_width = overridable_property('page_width')
    page_height = overridable_property('page_height')
    page_size = overridable_property('page_size')
    page_rect = overridable_property('page_rect')
    printable_rect  = overridable_property('printable_rect') # May not work
    printer_name = overridable_property('printer_name')
    _pickle_attributes = ['paper_name', 'paper_size', 'margins',
        'printer_name', 'orientation']
    def __getstate__(self):
        state = {}
        for name in self._pickle_attributes:
            state[name] = getattr(self, name)
        return state
    def __setstate__(self, state):
        for name, value in state.iteritems():
            setattr(self, name, value)
    def from_string(s):
        """Restore a pickled PageSetup object from a string."""
        return pickle.loads(s)
    from_string = staticmethod(from_string)
    def to_string(self):
        """Pickle the PageSetup object and return it as a string."""
        return pickle.dumps(self, 2)
    def get_paper_size(self):
        return self.paper_width, self.paper_height
    def set_paper_size(self, x):
        self.paper_width, self.paper_height = x
    def get_margins(self):
        return self.left_margin, self.top_margin, self.right_margin, self.bottom_margin
    def set_margins(self, x):
        self.left_margin, self.top_margin, self.right_margin, self.bottom_margin = x
    def get_page_width(self):
        return self.paper_width - self.left_margin - self.right_margin
    def get_page_height(self):
        return self.paper_height - self.top_margin - self.bottom_margin
    def get_page_size(self):
        return (self.page_width, self.page_height)
    def get_page_rect(self):
        lm, tm, rm, bm = self.margins
        pw, ph = self.paper_size
        return (lm, tm, pw - rm, ph - bm)
class Printable(object):
    """Mixin class for components implementing the "Print" command."""
    printable = overridable_property('printable', "Whether this component should handle the 'Print' command.")
    page_setup = overridable_property('page_setup', "The PageSetup object to use for printing.")
    print_title = overridable_property('print_title', "Title for print job.")
    _printable = True
    def get_printable(self):
        return self._printable
    def set_printable(self, x):
        self._printable = x
    def get_print_title(self):
        window = self.window
        if window:
            return window.title
            return ""
    def get_page_setup(self):
        result = None
        model = getattr(self, 'model', None)
        if model:
            result = getattr(model, 'page_setup', None)
        if not result:
            result = application().page_setup
        return result
    def setup_menus(self, m):
        if self.printable:
            m.print_cmd.enabled = True
    def print_cmd(self):
        if self.printable:
            page_setup = self.page_setup
            if page_setup:
class Paginator(object):
    """Used internally. A generic pagination algorithm for printing."""
    def __init__(self, view, page_setup):
        self.view = view
        extent_width, extent_height = view.get_print_extent()
        #paper_width, paper_height = page_setup.paper_size
        #lm, tm, rm, bm = page_setup.margins
        #page_width = int(paper_width - lm - rm)
        #page_height = int(paper_height - tm - bm)
        page_width, page_height = page_setup.page_size
        if page_width <= 0 or page_height <= 0:
            from AlertFunctions import stop_alert
            stop_alert("Margins are too large for the page size.")
        self.extent_rect = (0, 0, extent_width, extent_height)
        self.page_width = page_width
        self.page_height = page_height
        self.left_margin = page_setup.left_margin
        self.top_margin = page_setup.top_margin
        self.pages_wide = int(ceil(extent_width / page_width))
        self.pages_high = int(ceil(extent_height / page_height))
        self.num_pages = self.pages_wide * self.pages_high
    def draw_page(self, canvas, page_num):
        row, col = divmod(page_num, self.pages_wide)
        view_left = col * self.page_width
        view_top = row * self.page_height
        view_right = view_left + self.page_width
        view_bottom = view_top + self.page_height
        view_rect = (view_left, view_top, view_right, view_bottom)
        dx = self.left_margin - view_left
        dy = self.top_margin - view_top
        canvas.translate(dx, dy)
        canvas._printing = True
        self.view.draw(canvas, view_rect)