from Acquisition import aq_base, aq_parent
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.CMFPlone.factory import _DEFAULT_PROFILE
from Products.CMFPlone.interfaces import IDateAndTimeSchema
from Products.CMFPlone.interfaces import IMigrationTool
from Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool.interfaces import INonInstallable
from Products.StandardCacheManagers.AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager \
    import AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager
from Products.StandardCacheManagers.RAMCacheManager import RAMCacheManager
from borg.localrole.utils import replace_local_role_manager
from plone.keyring.interfaces import IKeyManager
from plone.keyring.keymanager import KeyManager
from plone.registry.interfaces import IRegistry
from zope.component import getSiteManager
from zope.component import getUtility
from zope.component import queryUtility
from zope.component.hooks import getSite
from zope.i18n.locales import LoadLocaleError
from zope.i18n.locales import locales
from zope.interface import implements
class HiddenProducts(object):
    def getNonInstallableProducts(self):
        return [
            'Archetypes', 'Products.Archetypes',
            'CMFDefault', 'Products.CMFDefault',
            'CMFPlone', 'Products.CMFPlone', 'Products.CMFPlone.migrations',
            'CMFTopic', 'Products.CMFTopic',
            'CMFUid', 'Products.CMFUid',
            'DCWorkflow', 'Products.DCWorkflow',
            'PasswordResetTool', 'Products.PasswordResetTool',
            'PlonePAS', 'Products.PlonePAS',
            'PloneLanguageTool', 'Products.PloneLanguageTool',
            'CMFFormController', 'Products.CMFFormController',
            'MimetypesRegistry', 'Products.MimetypesRegistry',
            'PortalTransforms', 'Products.PortalTransforms',
            'CMFDiffTool', 'Products.CMFDiffTool',
            'CMFEditions', 'Products.CMFEditions',
def addCacheHandlers(portal):
    """ Add RAM and AcceleratedHTTP cache handlers """
    mgrs = [(AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager, 'HTTPCache'),
            (RAMCacheManager, 'RAMCache'),
            (RAMCacheManager, 'ResourceRegistryCache'),
    for mgr_class, mgr_id in mgrs:
        existing = portal.get(mgr_id, None)
        if existing is None:
            portal[mgr_id] = mgr_class(mgr_id)
            unwrapped = aq_base(existing)
            if not isinstance(unwrapped, mgr_class):
                del portal[mgr_id]
                portal[mgr_id] = mgr_class(mgr_id)
def addCacheForResourceRegistry(portal):
    ram_cache_id = 'ResourceRegistryCache'
    if ram_cache_id in portal:
        cache = getattr(portal, ram_cache_id)
        settings = cache.getSettings()
        settings['max_age'] = 24 * 3600  # keep for up to 24 hours
        settings['request_vars'] = ('URL', )
        cache.manage_editProps('Cache for saved ResourceRegistry files',
    reg = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_css', None)
    if reg is not None \
            and getattr(aq_base(reg), 'ZCacheable_setManagerId', None) \
                is not None:
    reg = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_javascripts', None)
    if reg is not None \
            and getattr(aq_base(reg), 'ZCacheable_setManagerId', None) \
                is not None:
def setProfileVersion(portal):
    Set profile version.
    mt = queryUtility(IMigrationTool)
    setup = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_setup')
    version = setup.getVersionForProfile(_DEFAULT_PROFILE)
    setup.setLastVersionForProfile(_DEFAULT_PROFILE, version)
def assignTitles(portal):
    titles = {
     'acl_users': 'User / Group storage and authentication settings',
     'archetype_tool': 'Archetypes specific settings',
     'caching_policy_manager': 'Settings related to proxy caching',
     'content_type_registry': 'MIME type settings',
     'error_log': 'Error and exceptions log viewer',
     'MailHost': 'Mail server settings for outgoing mail',
     'mimetypes_registry': 'MIME types recognized by Plone',
     'plone_utils': 'Various utility methods',
     'portal_actions': 'Contains custom tabs and buttons',
     'portal_calendar': 'Controls how events are shown',
     'portal_catalog': 'Indexes all content in the site',
     'portal_controlpanel': 'Registry of control panel screen',
     'portal_css': 'Registry of CSS files',
     'portal_diff': 'Settings for content version comparisions',
     'portal_groupdata': 'Handles properties on groups',
     'portal_groups': 'Handles group related functionality',
     'portal_javascripts': 'Registry of JavaScript files',
     'portal_languages': 'Language specific settings',
     'portal_membership': 'Handles membership policies',
     'portal_memberdata': 'Handles the available properties on members',
     'portal_migration': 'Upgrades to newer Plone versions',
     'portal_password_reset': 'Handles password retention policy',
     'portal_properties': 'General settings registry',
     'portal_quickinstaller': 'Allows to install/uninstall products',
     'portal_registration': 'Handles registration of new users',
     'portal_setup': 'Add-on and configuration management',
     'portal_skins': 'Controls skin behaviour (search order etc)',
     'portal_transforms': 'Handles data conversion between MIME types',
     'portal_types': 'Controls the available content types in your portal',
     'portal_url': 'Methods to anchor you to the root of your Plone site',
     'portal_view_customizations': 'Template customizations',
     'portal_workflow': 'Contains workflow definitions for your portal',
     'reference_catalog': 'Catalog of content references',
     'translation_service': 'Provides access to the translation machinery',
     'uid_catalog': 'Catalog of unique content identifiers',
    for oid, obj in portal.items():
        title = titles.get(oid, None)
        if title:
            setattr(aq_base(obj), 'title', title)
def importFinalSteps(context):
    Final Plone import steps.
    # Only run step if a flag file is present (e.g. not an extension profile)
    if context.readDataFile('plone-final.txt') is None:
    site = context.getSite()
    # Install our dependencies
    st = getToolByName(site, "portal_setup")
    # check if zope root has keyring installed for CSRF protection
    app = aq_parent(site)
    sm = getSiteManager(app)
    if sm.queryUtility(IKeyManager) is None:
        obj = KeyManager()
        sm.registerUtility(aq_base(obj), IKeyManager, '')
def updateWorkflowRoleMappings(context):
    If an extension profile (such as the testfixture one) switches default,
    workflows, this import handler will make sure object security works
    # Only run step if a flag file is present
    if context.readDataFile('plone-update-workflow-rolemap.txt') is None:
    site = context.getSite()
    portal_workflow = getToolByName(site, 'portal_workflow')
def first_weekday_setup(context):
    """Set the first day of the week based on the portal's locale.
    reg = getUtility(IRegistry)
    if reg.get('plone.first_weekday') is not None:
        # don't overwrite if it's already set
    first = 6
        site = getSite()
        # find the locale implied by the portal's language
        language = site.Language()
        parts = (language.split('-') + [None, None])[:3]
        locale = locales.getLocale(*parts)
        # look up first day of week
        gregorian_calendar = locale.dates.calendars.get(u'gregorian', None)
        if gregorian_calendar is not None:
            day = gregorian_calendar.week.get('firstDay', 7)
            first = 6 if day == 0 else day - 1
    except LoadLocaleError:
        # If we cannot get the locale, just Sunday as first weekday
    # save setting
    reg['plone.first_weekday'] = first
def timezone_setup(context):
    """Set the timezone from server locale
    timezone = 'UTC'
    # TODO: get a /sane/ locale from the server to use.
    # this is not high priority
    # see plone.event.utils
    reg = getUtility(IRegistry)
    if not reg["plone.portal_timezone"]:
        reg['plone.portal_timezone'] = timezone
    if not reg['plone.available_timezones']:
        reg['plone.available_timezones'] = [timezone]