#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of the Shiboken Python Bindings Generator project.
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# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
# 02110-1301 USA
'''Test case for a class that holds a void pointer.'''
import unittest
from sample import VoidHolder, Point
class VoidHolderTest(unittest.TestCase):
    '''Test case for void pointer manipulation.'''
    def testGetVoidPointerFromCppAndPutsOnVoidHolder(self):
        '''Passes a void pointer created in C++ and to kept by VoidHolder.'''
        voidptr = VoidHolder.gimmeMeSomeVoidPointer()
        voidholder = VoidHolder(voidptr)
        self.assertEquals(voidptr, voidholder.voidPointer())
    def testPutRandomObjectInsideVoidHolder(self):
        '''Passes a C++ pointer for an object created in Python to be kept by VoidHolder.'''
        obj = Point(1, 2)
        voidholder = VoidHolder(obj)
        self.assertEquals(obj, voidholder.voidPointer())
    def testGetNoneObjectFromVoidHolder(self):
        '''A VoidHolder created without parameters returns a NULL pointer
           that should be converted to a Python None.'''
        voidholder = VoidHolder()
        self.assertEquals(voidholder.voidPointer(), None)
    def testPutPythonObjectInsideVoidHolder(self):
        '''Passes a native Python object to be kept by VoidHolder.'''
        obj = 'Foo'
        voidholder = VoidHolder(obj)
        self.assertEquals(obj, voidholder.voidPointer())
if __name__ == '__main__':