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Analyze is a script to access the plugins which analyze a gcode file.
The plugin buttons which are commonly used are bolded and the ones which are rarely used have normal font weight.
An explanation of the gcodes is at:
and at:
A gode example is at:
from __future__ import absolute_import
#Init has to be imported first because it has code to workaround the python bug where relative imports don't work if the module is imported as a main module.
import __init__
from skeinforge_tools.skeinforge_utilities import gcodec
from skeinforge_tools.skeinforge_utilities import settings
from skeinforge_tools.meta_plugins import polyfile
import os
import sys
__author__ = "Enrique Perez (perez_enrique@yahoo.com)"
__date__ = "$Date: 2008/21/04 $"
__license__ = "GPL 3.0"
def addToMenu( master, menu, repository, window ):
	"Add a tool plugin menu."
	settings.addPluginsParentToMenu( getPluginsDirectoryPath(), menu, __file__, getPluginFileNames() )
def getPluginFileNames():
	"Get analyze plugin fileNames."
	return gcodec.getPluginFileNamesFromDirectoryPath( getPluginsDirectoryPath() )
def getPluginsDirectoryPath():
	"Get the plugins directory path."
	return gcodec.getAbsoluteFolderPath( __file__, 'analyze_plugins' )
def getNewRepository():
	"Get the repository constructor."
	return AnalyzeRepository()
def writeOutput( fileName, gcodeText = '' ):
	"Analyze a gcode file."
	gcodeText = gcodec.getTextIfEmpty( fileName, gcodeText )
	pluginFileNames = getPluginFileNames()
	for pluginFileName in pluginFileNames:
		analyzePluginsDirectoryPath = getPluginsDirectoryPath()
		pluginModule = gcodec.getModuleWithDirectoryPath( analyzePluginsDirectoryPath, pluginFileName )
		if pluginModule != None:
			pluginModule.writeOutput( fileName, gcodeText )
class AnalyzeRepository:
	"A class to handle the analyze settings."
	def __init__( self ):
		"Set the default settings, execute title & settings fileName."
		settings.addListsToRepository( 'skeinforge_tools.analyze.html', '', self )
		self.fileNameInput = settings.FileNameInput().getFromFileName( [ ( 'Gcode text files', '*.gcode' ) ], 'Open File for Analyze', self, '' )
		importantFileNames = [ 'skeinview', 'behold', 'statistic' ]
		settings.getRadioPluginsAddPluginFrame( getPluginsDirectoryPath(), importantFileNames, getPluginFileNames(), self )
		self.executeTitle = 'Analyze'
	def execute( self ):
		"Analyze button has been clicked."
		fileNames = polyfile.getFileOrDirectoryTypesUnmodifiedGcode( self.fileNameInput.value, [], self.fileNameInput.wasCancelled )
		for fileName in fileNames:
			writeOutput( fileName )
def main():
	"Display the analyze dialog."
	if len( sys.argv ) > 1:
		writeOutput( ' '.join( sys.argv[ 1 : ] ) )
		settings.startMainLoopFromConstructor( getNewRepository() )
if __name__ == "__main__":