# Load the AlchemyAPI module code.
import AlchemyAPI
# Create an AlchemyAPI object.
alchemyObj = AlchemyAPI.AlchemyAPI()
# Load the API key from disk.
# Extract sentiment from a web URL.
result = alchemyObj.URLGetTextSentiment("http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/04/entertainment-us-netflix-disney-paytv-idUSBRE8B312Q20121204");
print result
# Extract sentiment from a text string.
#result = alchemyObj.TextGetTextSentiment("Analysis: Google's Android finally earns respect with developers");
#print result
# Load a HTML document to analyze.
htmlFileHandle = open("data/example.html", 'r')
htmlFile = htmlFileHandle.read()
# Extract sentiment from a HTML document.
result = alchemyObj.HTMLGetTextSentiment(htmlFile, "http://www.test.com/");
print result
# Enable keyword-targeted sentiment.
kparams = AlchemyAPI.AlchemyAPI_KeywordParams()
# Extract keywords with keyword-targeted sentiment.
result = alchemyObj.TextGetRankedKeywords("Mr. Miagi was the greatest sensei of all time.", kparams);
print result
# Enable entity-targeted sentiment.
eparams = AlchemyAPI.AlchemyAPI_NamedEntityParams()
# Extract entities with entity-targeted sentiment.
result = alchemyObj.TextGetRankedNamedEntities("Mr. Miagi was the greatest sensei of all time.", eparams);
print result