import bpy
from node_s import *
from util import *
from mathutils import Vector, kdtree
from mathutils.geometry import intersect_line_line as LineIntersect
import bmesh
from bmesh.types import BMVert, BMEdge
import itertools
from collections import defaultdict
import cad_module as cm
''' helpers '''
def order_points(edge, point_list):
    ''' order these edges from distance to v1, then
    sandwich the sorted list with v1, v2 '''
    v1, v2 = edge
    dist = lambda co: (v1-co).length
    point_list = sorted(point_list, key=dist)
    return [v1] + point_list + [v2]
def remove_permutations_that_share_a_vertex(bm, permutations):
    ''' Get useful Permutations '''
    final_permutations = []
    for edges in permutations:
        raw_vert_indices = cm.vertex_indices_from_edges_tuple(bm, edges)
        if cm.duplicates(raw_vert_indices):
        # reaches this point if they do not share.
    return final_permutations
def get_valid_permutations(bm, edge_indices):
    raw_permutations = itertools.permutations(edge_indices, 2)
    permutations = [r for r in raw_permutations if r[0] < r[1]]
    return remove_permutations_that_share_a_vertex(bm, permutations)
def can_skip(closest_points, vert_vectors):
    '''this checks if the intersection lies on both edges, returns True
    when criteria are not met, and thus this point can be skipped'''
    if not closest_points:
        return True
    if not isinstance(closest_points[0].x, float):
        return True
    if cm.num_edges_point_lies_on(closest_points[0], vert_vectors) < 2:
        return True
    # if this distance is larger than than VTX_PRECISION, we can skip it.
    cpa, cpb = closest_points
    return (cpa-cpb).length > cm.CAD_prefs.VTX_PRECISION
def get_intersection_dictionary(bm, edge_indices):
    permutations = get_valid_permutations(bm, edge_indices)
    k = defaultdict(list)
    d = defaultdict(list)
    for edges in permutations:
        raw_vert_indices = cm.vertex_indices_from_edges_tuple(bm, edges)
        vert_vectors = cm.vectors_from_indices(bm, raw_vert_indices)
        points = LineIntersect(*vert_vectors)
        # some can be skipped.    (NaN, None, not on both edges)
        if can_skip(points, vert_vectors):
        # reaches this point only when an intersection happens on both edges.
        [k[edge].append(points[0]) for edge in edges]
    # k will contain a dict of edge indices and points found on those edges.
    for edge_idx, unordered_points in k.items():
        tv1, tv2 = bm.edges[edge_idx].verts
        v1 = bm.verts[tv1.index].co
        v2 = bm.verts[tv2.index].co
        ordered_points = order_points((v1, v2), unordered_points)
    return d
def update_mesh(bm, d):
    ''' Make new geometry '''
    oe = bm.edges
    ov = bm.verts
    vert_count = len(ov)
    edge_count = len(oe)
    for old_edge, point_list in d.items():
        num_points = len(point_list)
        num_edges_to_add = num_points-1
        for i in range(num_edges_to_add):
            vseq = ov[vert_count], ov[vert_count+1]
            vert_count = len(ov)
            edge_count = len(oe)
    # offer a remove doubles pass here.
def unselect_nonintersecting(bm, d_edges, edge_indices):
    # print(d_edges, edge_indices)
    if len(edge_indices) > len(d_edges):
        reserved_edges = set(edge_indices) - set(d_edges)
        for edge in reserved_edges:
            bm.edges[edge].select = False
        # print("unselected {}, non intersecting edges".format(reserved_edges))
class SvIntersectEdgesNode(Node, SverchCustomTreeNode):
    bl_idname = 'SvIntersectEdgesNode'
    bl_label = 'Intersect Edges'
    bl_icon = 'OUTLINER_OB_EMPTY'
    def draw_buttons(self, context, layout):
    def init(self, context):'VerticesSocket', 'Verts_in', 'Verts_in')'StringsSocket', 'Edges_in', 'Edges_in')
'VerticesSocket', 'Verts_out', 'Verts_out')'StringsSocket', 'Edges_out', 'Edges_out')
    def update(self):
        inputs = self.inputs
        outputs = self.outputs
            verts_in = SvGetSocketAnyType(self, inputs['Verts_in'])[0]
            edges_in = SvGetSocketAnyType(self, inputs['Edges_in'])[0]
            linked = outputs[0].links
        except (IndexError, KeyError) as e:
        bm =
        [ for co in verts_in]
        [[i], bm.verts[j])) for i, j in edges_in]
        edge_indices = [e.index for e in bm.edges]
        for edge in bm.edges:
   = True
        d = get_intersection_dictionary(bm, edge_indices)
        unselect_nonintersecting(bm, d.keys(), edge_indices)
        update_mesh(bm, d)
        verts_out = [ for v in bm.verts]
        edges_out = [[j.index for j in i.verts] for i in bm.edges]
        SvSetSocketAnyType(self, 'Verts_out', [verts_out])
        SvSetSocketAnyType(self, 'Edges_out', [edges_out])
    def update_socket(self, context):
def register():
def unregister():
if __name__ == "__main__":