import distutils, os
from setuptools import Command
from distutils.util import convert_path
from distutils import log
from distutils.errors import *
from setuptools.command.setopt import edit_config, option_base, config_file
def shquote(arg):
    """Quote an argument for later parsing by shlex.split()"""
    for c in '"', "'", "\\", "#":
        if c in arg: return repr(arg)
    if arg.split()<>[arg]:
        return repr(arg)
    return arg        
class alias(option_base):
    """Define a shortcut that invokes one or more commands"""
    description = "define a shortcut to invoke one or more commands"
    command_consumes_arguments = True
    user_options = [
        ('remove',   'r', 'remove (unset) the alias'), 
    ] + option_base.user_options
    boolean_options = option_base.boolean_options + ['remove']
    def initialize_options(self):
        self.args = None
        self.remove = None
    def finalize_options(self):
        if self.remove and len(self.args)<>1:
            raise DistutilsOptionError(
                "Must specify exactly one argument (the alias name) when "
                "using --remove"
    def run(self):
        aliases = self.distribution.get_option_dict('aliases')
        if not self.args:
            print "Command Aliases"
            print "---------------"
            for alias in aliases:
                print " alias", format_alias(alias, aliases)
        elif len(self.args)==1:
            alias, = self.args
            if self.remove:
                command = None
            elif alias in aliases:
                print " alias", format_alias(alias, aliases)
                print "No alias definition found for %r" % alias
            alias = self.args[0]
            command = ' '.join(map(shquote,self.args[1:]))
        edit_config(self.filename, {'aliases': {alias:command}}, self.dry_run)
def format_alias(name, aliases):
    source, command = aliases[name]
    if source == config_file('global'):
        source = '--global-config '
    elif source == config_file('user'):
        source = '--user-config '
    elif source == config_file('local'):
        source = ''
        source = '--filename=%r' % source
    return source+name+' '+command