import BTrees.OOBTree
import zope.interface
import zope.locking.interfaces
import zope.locking.utils
class SchemaManager(object):
    minimum_generation = 2
    generation = 2
    def install(self, context):
        # Clean up cruft in any existing token utilities.
        # This is done here because zope.locking didn't have a
        # schema manager prior to 1.2.
    def evolve(self, context, generation):
        if generation == 2:
            # Going from generation 1 -> 2, we need to run the token
            # utility fixer again because of a deficiency it had in 1.2.
schemaManager = SchemaManager()
def get_site_managers(app_root):
    def _get_site_managers(sm):
        yield sm
        for sm in sm.subs:
            for _sm in _get_site_managers(sm):
                yield _sm
    return _get_site_managers(app_root.getSiteManager())
def clean_locks(context):
    """Clean out old locks from token utilities."""
    app = context.connection.root().get('Application')
    if app is not None:
        for util in find_token_utilities(app):
def find_token_utilities(app_root):
    for sm in get_site_managers(app_root):
        for registration in sm.registeredUtilities():
            if registration.provided is zope.locking.interfaces.ITokenUtility:
                yield registration.component
def fix_token_utility(util):
    """ A bug in versions of zope.locking prior to 1.2 could cause
        token utilities to keep references to expired/ended locks.
        This function cleans up any old locks lingering in a token
        utility due to this issue.
    for pid in list(util._principal_ids):
        # iterForPrincipalId only returns non-ended locks, so we know
        # they're still good.
        new_tree = BTrees.OOBTree.OOTreeSet(util.iterForPrincipalId(pid))
        if new_tree:
            util._principal_ids[pid] = new_tree
            del util._principal_ids[pid]
    now =
    for dt, tree in list(util._expirations.items()):
        if dt > now:
            util._expirations[dt] = BTrees.OOBTree.OOTreeSet(tree)
            del util._expirations[dt]
            for token in tree:
                # Okay, we could just adapt token.context to IKeyReference
                # here...but we don't want to touch token.context,
                # because some wonky objects need a site set before
                # they can be unpickled.
                for key_ref, (_token, _, _) in list(util._locks.items()):
                    if token is _token:
                        del util._locks[key_ref]