#!/usr/bin/env python
from AgileCLU import AgileCLU
from optparse import OptionParser, OptionGroup
import sys, os.path, urllib, subprocess, time
from poster.encode import multipart_encode, get_body_size
from poster.streaminghttp import register_openers
from urllib2 import Request, urlopen, URLError, HTTPError
def main(*arg):
	global fname
	# parse command line and associated helper
	parser = OptionParser( usage= "usage: %prog [options] object path", version="%prog (AgileCLU "+AgileCLU.__version__+")")
	parser.add_option("-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", dest="verbose", help="be verbose", default=False)
        parser.add_option("-l", "--login", dest="username", help="use alternate profile")
	group = OptionGroup(parser, "Handling Options")
	group.add_option("-r", "--rename", dest="filename", help="rename destination file")
	group.add_option("-c", "--mimetype", dest="mimetype", help="set MIME content-type")
	group.add_option("-t", "--time", dest="mtime", help="set optional mtime")
	group.add_option("-e", "--egress", dest="egress", help="set egress policy (PARTIAL, COMPLETE or POLICY)", default="COMPLETE")
	group.add_option("-m", "--mkdir", action="store_true", help="create destination path, if it does not exist")
	group.add_option("-p", "--progress", action="store_true", help="show transfer progress bar")
	config = OptionGroup(parser, "Configuration Option")
	config.add_option("--username", dest="username", help="Agile username")
	config.add_option("--password", dest="password", help="Agile password")
	config.add_option("--mapperurl", dest="mapperurl", help="Agile MT URL base")
	config.add_option("--apiurl", dest="apiurl", help="Agile API URL")
	config.add_option("--posturl", dest="posturl", help="Agile POST URL")
	(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
	if len(args) != 2: parser.error("Wrong number of arguments. Exiting.")
	object = args[0]
	path = args[1]
	if (not os.path.isfile(object)):
		print "Local file object (%s) does not exist. Exiting." % object
	if options.username: agile = AgileCLU( options.username )
	else: agile = AgileCLU()
	localpath = os.path.dirname(object)
	localfile = os.path.basename(object)
	# check that destination path exists
	if (not agile.exists(path)):
		if options.mkdir: 
			r = agile.mkdir( path, 1 )
			if (r):
				if options.verbose: print "Destination path (%s) has been created. Continuing..." % path
				if options.verbose: print "Destination path (%s) failed to be created. Suggest trying --mkdir option. Exiting." % path
			if options.verbose: print "Destination path (%s) does not exist. Suggest --mkdir option. Exiting." % path
	if options.filename: fname = options.filename
	else: fname = localfile
	if options.mimetype: mimetype = options.mimetype
	else: mimetype = 'auto'
	if options.progress: callback = agile.pbar_callback
	else: callback = None
	result = agile.post( os.path.join(localpath,localfile), path, fname, mimetype, None, options.egress, False, callback )
	if options.verbose: print "%s%s" % (agile.mapperurlstr(),urllib.quote(os.path.join(path,fname)))
if __name__ == '__main__':