# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
'''a module that defines a session object'''
#   This file is part of emesene.
#    Emesene is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
#    (at your option) any later version.
#    emesene is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#    GNU General Public License for more details.
#    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#    along with emesene; if not, write to the Free Software
#    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA
import os
import time
import Queue
from Worker import EVENTS
from Event import Event
from Action import Action
import e3
import Logger
from ContactManager import ContactManager
class Session(object):
    NAME = 'Base session'
    DESCRIPTION = '''This is a base session implementation,
    other classes inherit from this one'''
    AUTHOR = 'Mariano Guerra'
    WEBSITE = 'www.emesene.org'
    def __init__(self, id_=None, account=None):
        self.id_ = id_
        if self.id_ is None:
            self.id_ = time.time()
        self._account = None
        self.contacts = None
        self.logger = None
        self.extras = {}
        self.events = Queue.Queue()
        self.actions = Queue.Queue()
        if account is not None:
            self.account = account
        self.groups = {}
        self.config = e3.common.Config()
        self.config_dir = e3.common.ConfigDir('emesene2')
        # set the base dir of the config to the base dir plus the account
        self.signals = e3.common.Signals(EVENTS, self.events)
    def _set_account(self, account):
        '''set the value of account'''
        self._account = account
        self.contacts = ContactManager(self._account.account)
        self.config_dir.base_dir = os.path.join(
            self.config_dir.base_dir, self._account.service, self._account.account)
        self.config_dir.add_path("config", "config", False)
        self.config_dir.add_path("avatars", "avatars")
        self.config_dir.add_path("cached_avatars", "cached_avatars")
        self.config_dir.add_path("last_avatar", os.path.join("avatars", "last"), False)
        self.config_dir.add_path("log", "log")
        self.logger = Logger.LoggerProcess(self.config_dir.get_path('log'))
    def _get_account(self):
        '''return the value of account'''
        return self._account
    account = property(fset=_set_account, fget=_get_account)
    def add_event(self, id_, *args):
        '''add an event to the events queue'''
        self.events.put(Event(id_, *args))
    def add_action(self, id_, *args):
        '''add an action to the action queue'''
        self.actions.put(Action(id_, *args))
    def save_config(self):
        '''save the config of the session'''
        config_path = self.config_dir.get_path('config')
        if config_path:
    def load_config(self):
        '''load the config of the session'''
        # load the global configuration
        # load the account configuration
    def new_conversation(self, account, cid):
        '''start a new conversation with account'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_NEW_CONVERSATION, (account, cid))
    def close_conversation(self, cid):
        '''close a conversation identified by cid'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_CLOSE_CONVERSATION, (cid,))
    def conversation_invite(self, cid, account):
        '''invite a contact to aconversation identified by cid'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_CONV_INVITE, (cid, account))
    def quit(self):
        '''close the worker and socket threads'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_QUIT, ())
    def login(self, account, password, status, proxy, host, port, use_http=False):
        '''start the login process'''
        raise NotImplementedError('Not implemented')
    def logout(self):
        '''close the session'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_LOGOUT, ())
    def set_status(self, status):
        '''change the status of the session'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_CHANGE_STATUS, (status,))
    def add_contact(self, account):
        '''add the contact to our contact list'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_ADD_CONTACT, (account,))
    def remove_contact(self, account):
        '''remove the contact from our contact list'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_REMOVE_CONTACT, (account,))
    def reject_contact(self, account):
        '''reject a contact that added us'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_REJECT_CONTACT, (account,))
    def block(self, account):
        '''block the contact'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_BLOCK_CONTACT, (account,))
    def unblock(self, account):
        '''block the contact'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_UNBLOCK_CONTACT, (account,))
    def set_alias(self, account, alias):
        '''set the alias of a contact'''
            (account, alias))
    def add_to_group(self, account, gid):
        '''add a contact to a group'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_ADD_TO_GROUP, (account, gid))
    def remove_from_group(self, account, gid):
        '''remove a contact from a group'''
            (account, gid))
    def move_to_group(self, account, src_gid, dest_gid):
        '''remove a contact from the group identified by src_gid and add it
        to dest_gid'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_MOVE_TO_GROUP, (account,
            src_gid, dest_gid))
    def add_group(self, name):
        '''add a group '''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_ADD_GROUP, (name,))
    def remove_group(self, gid):
        '''remove the group identified by gid'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_REMOVE_GROUP, (gid,))
    def rename_group(self, gid, name):
        '''rename the group identified by gid with the new name'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_RENAME_GROUP, (gid, name))
    def set_nick(self, nick):
        '''set the nick of the session'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_SET_NICK, (nick,))
    def set_message(self, message):
        '''set the message of the session'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_SET_MESSAGE, (message,))
    def set_media(self, message):
        '''set the message of the session'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_SET_MEDIA, (message,))
    def set_picture(self, picture_name):
        '''set the picture of the session to the picture with picture_name as
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_SET_PICTURE, (picture_name,))
    def set_preferences(self, preferences):
        '''set the preferences of the session to preferences, that is a
        dict containing key:value pairs where the keys are the preference name
        and value is the new value of that preference'''
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_SET_PREFERENCE, (preferences,))
    def send_message(self, cid, text, style=None):
        '''send a common message'''
        raise NotImplementedError('Not implemented')
    def request_attention(self, cid):
        '''request the attention of the contact'''
        raise NotImplementedError('Not implemented')
    def accept_filetransfer(self, transfer):
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_FT_ACCEPT, (transfer,))
    def reject_filetransfer(self, transfer):
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_FT_REJECT, (transfer,))
    def cancel_filetransfer(self, transfer):
        self.add_action(Action.ACTION_FT_CANCEL, (transfer,))