from AccessControl.SecurityInfo import ClassSecurityInformation
from Products.CMFPlone.interfaces import IPloneSiteRoot
from ZODB.POSException import ConflictError
from ftw.publisher.core.interfaces import IDataCollector
from ftw.publisher.core.utils import decode_for_json
from ftw.publisher.sender.interfaces import IConfig
from zExceptions import NotFound
from zope.component import getAdapters
from zope.publisher.interfaces import Retry
import json
class Extractor(object):
    The Extractor module is used for extracting the data from a Object and
    pack it with json.
    security = ClassSecurityInformation()
    def __call__(self, object, action):
        Extracts the required data (action dependent) from a object for
        creating a Job.
        @param object:      Plone Object to export data from
        @param action:      Action to perform [push|delete]
        @type action:       string
        @return:            data (json "encoded")
        @rtype:             string
        self.object = object
        self.is_root = IPloneSiteRoot.providedBy(self.object)
        data = {}
        if action not in ['delete', 'move']:
            adapters = getAdapters((self.object, ), IDataCollector)
            for name, adapter in adapters:
                data[name] = adapter.getData()
        # gets the metadata, we dont use an adapter in this case,
        # cause metdata is the most important data-set we need
        data['metadata'] = self.getMetadata(action)
        # remove ignored fields
        portal = self.object.portal_url.getPortalObject()
        config = IConfig(portal)
        ignore = config.get_ignored_fields()
        for ptype, fields in ignore.items():
            if data['metadata']['portal_type'] == ptype:
                for field in fields:
                    if 'field_data_adapter' in data and \
                       field in data['field_data_adapter']:
                        del data['field_data_adapter'][field]
        if action == 'move':
            #read out data from event_information attr
            move_data = getattr(self.object, 'event_information', None)
            #make data convertable and shrink amount of data
            #(replace objects by path)
            del move_data['object']
            portal_path = '/'.join(
            new_parent_path = '/'.join(
            new_parent_rpath = new_parent_path[len(portal_path):]
            move_data['newParent'] = new_parent_rpath
            old_parent_path = '/'.join(
            old_parent_rpath = old_parent_path[len(portal_path):]
            move_data['oldParent'] = old_parent_rpath
            move_data['newTitle'] = self.object.Title().decode('utf-8')
            data['move'] = move_data
            # finally remove event_information from object
            delattr(self.object, 'event_information')
        # convert to json
        jsondata = self.convertToJson(data)
        return jsondata
    def getMetadata(self, action):
        Returns a dictionary with metadata about this object. It contains also
        the action.
        @param action:  publishing action [push|delete]
        @type action:   string
        @return:        metadata dictionary
        @rtype:         dict
        # get object positions
        positions = {}
        if not self.is_root:
            parent = self.object.aq_inner.aq_parent
            for obj_id in parent.objectIds():
                    positions[obj_id] = parent.getObjectPosition(obj_id)
                except NotFound:
                    # catch notfound, some zope objects
                    # (ex. syndication_information of a topic)
                    # has no getObjectPosition
        # create metadata dict
        uid = self.is_root and self.getRelativePath() or self.object.UID()
            wf_info = self.object.portal_workflow.getInfoFor(
                self.object, 'review_state')
        except (ConflictError, Retry):
        except Exception:
            wf_info = ''
        # get schema path
        if self.is_root:
            schema_path = None
            schema_path = '.'.join((self.object.__module__,
            modifiedDate = str(self.object.modified())
        except AttributeError:
            modifiedDate = None
        data = {
            'UID': uid,
            'portal_type': self.object.portal_type,
            'action': action,
            'physicalPath': self.getRelativePath(),
            'sibling_positions': positions,
            'review_state': wf_info,
            'schema_path': schema_path,
            'modified': modifiedDate,
        return data
    def getRelativePath(self):
        Returns the relative path (relative to plone site) to the current
        context object.
        @return:    relative path
        @rtype:     string
        path = '/'.join(self.object.getPhysicalPath())
        portalPath = '/'.join(
        if not path.startswith(portalPath):
            raise TypeError('Expected object to be in a portal object -.-')
        relative_path = path[len(portalPath):]
        if relative_path == '':
            return '/'
        return relative_path
    def convertToJson(self, data):
        Converts a dictionary to a JSON-string
        @param data:    data dictionary
        @type data:     dict
        @return:        JSON
        @rtype:         string
        data = decode_for_json(data)
        return json.dumps(data, sort_keys=True)