# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# $Id$
from zope.interface import implements
from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo
from App.class_init import InitializeClass
from Acquisition import aq_base
from types import ClassType
from Products.CMFCore.TypesTool import FactoryTypeInformation
from Products.CMFCore.permissions import View
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI.interfaces import IDynamicViewTypeInformation
def safe_hasattr(obj, name, _marker=object()):
    """Make sure we don't mask exceptions like hasattr().
    We don't want exceptions other than AttributeError to be masked,
    since that too often masks other programming errors.
    Three-argument getattr() doesn't mask those, so we use that to
    implement our own hasattr() replacement.
    return getattr(obj, name, _marker) is not _marker
def safe_callable(obj):
    """Make sure our callable checks are ConflictError safe."""
    if safe_hasattr(obj, '__class__'):
        if safe_hasattr(obj, '__call__'):
            return True
            return isinstance(obj, ClassType)
        return callable(obj)
def om_has_key(context, key):
    """Object Manager has_key method with optimization for btree folders
    Zope's OFS.ObjectManager has no method for checking if an object with an id
    exists inside a folder.
    klass = getattr(aq_base(context), '__class__', None)
    if hasattr(klass, 'has_key'):
        # BTreeFolder2 optimization
        if context.has_key(key):
            return True
        # standard ObjectManager api
        if key in context.objectIds():
            return True
    return False
fti_meta_type = 'Factory-based Type Information with dynamic views'
class DynamicViewTypeInformation(FactoryTypeInformation):
    """FTI with dynamic views
    A value of (dynamic view) as alias is replaced by the output of defaultView()
    meta_type = fti_meta_type
    security = ClassSecurityInfo()
    _properties = FactoryTypeInformation._properties + (
        { 'id': 'default_view', 'type': 'string', 'mode': 'w',
          'label': 'Default view method'
        { 'id': 'view_methods', 'type': 'lines', 'mode': 'w',
          'label': 'Available view methods'
        { 'id': 'default_view_fallback', 'type': 'boolean', 'mode': 'w',
          'label': 'Fall back to default view?'
    default_view = ''
    view_methods = ()
    default_view_fallback = False
    def manage_changeProperties(self, **kw):
        """Overwrite change properties to verify that default_view is in the method
        FactoryTypeInformation.manage_changeProperties(self, **kw)
        default_view = self.default_view
        view_methods = self.view_methods
        if not default_view:
            # TODO: use view action
            self.default_view = default_view = self.immediate_view
        if not view_methods:
            self.view_methods = view_methods = (default_view,)
        if default_view and default_view not in view_methods:
            raise ValueError, "%s not in %s" % (default_view, view_methods)
    security.declareProtected(View, 'getDefaultViewMethod')
    def getDefaultViewMethod(self, context):
        """Get the default view method from the FTI
        return str(self.default_view)
    security.declareProtected(View, 'getAvailableViewMethods')
    def getAvailableViewMethods(self, context):
        """Get a list of registered view methods
        methods = self.view_methods
        if isinstance(methods, basestring):
            methods = (methods,)
        return tuple(methods)
    security.declareProtected(View, 'getViewMethod')
    def getViewMethod(self, context, enforce_available=False, check_exists=False):
        """Get view method (aka layout) name from context
        Return -- view method from context or default view name
        default = self.getDefaultViewMethod(context)
        layout = getattr(aq_base(context), 'layout', None)
        if safe_callable(layout):
            layout = layout()
        if not layout:
            return default
        if not isinstance(layout, basestring):
            raise TypeError, "layout of %s must be a string, got %s" % (
                              repr(context), type(layout))
        if enforce_available:
            available = self.getAvailableViewMethods(context)
            if layout not in available:
                return default
        if check_exists:
            method = getattr(context, layout, None)
            if method is None:
                return default
        return layout
    security.declareProtected(View, 'getDefaultPage')
    def getDefaultPage(self, context, check_exists=False):
        """Get the default page from a folderish object
        Non folderish objects don't have a default view.
        If check_exists is enabled the method makes sure the object with the default
        page id exists.
        Return -- None for no default page or a string
        if not getattr(aq_base(context), 'isPrincipiaFolderish', False):
            return None # non folderish objects don't have a default page per se
        default_page = getattr(aq_base(context), 'default_page', None)
        if safe_callable(default_page):
            default_page = default_page()
        if not default_page:
            return None
        if isinstance(default_page, (tuple, list)):
            default_page = default_page[0]
        if not isinstance(default_page, str):
            raise TypeError, ("default_page must be a string, got %s(%s):" %
                              (default_page, type(default_page)))
        if check_exists and not om_has_key(context, default_page):
            return None
        return default_page
    security.declareProtected(View, 'defaultView')
    def defaultView(self, context):
        """Get the current view to use for an object. If a default page is  set,
        use that, else use the currently selected view method/layout.
        # Delegate to PloneTool's version if we have it else, use own rules
        plone_utils = getToolByName(self, 'plone_utils', None)
        if plone_utils is not None:
            obj, path = plone_utils.browserDefault(context)
            return path[-1]
            default_page = self.getDefaultPage(context, check_exists=True)
            if default_page is not None:
                return default_page
            fallback = self.default_view_fallback
            return self.getViewMethod(context, check_exists=fallback)
    def queryMethodID(self, alias, default=None, context=None):
        """ Query method ID by alias.
        Use "(dynamic view)" as the alias target to look up as per defaultView()
        Use "(selected layout)" as the alias target to look up as per
        methodTarget = FactoryTypeInformation.queryMethodID(self, alias,
        if not isinstance(methodTarget, basestring):
            # nothing to do, method_id is probably None
            return methodTarget
        if context is None or default == '':
            # the edit zpts like typesAliases don't apply a context and set the
            # default to ''. We do not want to resolve (dynamic view) for these
            # methods.
            return methodTarget
        # Our two special targets:
        if methodTarget.lower() == "(dynamic view)":
            methodTarget = self.defaultView(context)
        if methodTarget.lower() == "(selected layout)":
            fallback = self.default_view_fallback
            methodTarget = self.getViewMethod(context, check_exists=fallback)
        return methodTarget