from NetworkEditor.items import NetworkNode
from AutoDockTools.VisionInterface.Adt.autogrid_results import autogrid_results
class AutogridResURL(NetworkNode):
    Creates an autogrid_results object form a URL to the autogrid results
    Input: URL to autogrid results
    Output: autogrid_results object that contains info about the URL to autogrid results
    def __init__(self, name='AutogridResURL', **kw):
        kw['name'] = name
        apply( NetworkNode.__init__, (self,), kw )
        kw['name'] = name
        apply( NetworkNode.__init__, (self,), kw )
        ip = self.inputPortsDescr
        ip.append(datatype='string', name='url')
        self.widgetDescr['url'] = {
            'class':'NEEntry', 'master':'node', 'width':40,
            'labelCfg':{'text':'URL to Autogrid Results: '}
        op = self.outputPortsDescr
        op.append(datatype='autogrid_results', name='autogrid_res_obj')
        code = """def doit(self, url):
    autogrid_res_obj=autogrid_results(url, "url")