#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Application controller for ParsInsert
designed for ParsInsert v1.03 """
__author__ = "Jesse Stombaugh"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2007-2012, The Cogent Project"
__credits__ = ["Jesse Stombaugh"]
__license__ = "GPL"
__version__ = "1.5.3-dev"
__maintainer__ = "Jesse Stombaugh"
__email__ = "jesse.stombaugh@colorado.edu"
__status__ = "Production"
from cogent.app.parameters import ValuedParameter, FlagParameter, \
from cogent.app.util import CommandLineApplication, FilePath, system, \
       CommandLineAppResult, ResultPath, remove, ApplicationError
from cogent.core.tree import PhyloNode
from cogent.parse.tree import DndParser
from cogent.core.moltype import DNA, RNA, PROTEIN
from cogent.core.alignment import SequenceCollection,Alignment
from os.path import splitext, join,abspath
from cogent.parse.phylip import get_align_for_phylip
from StringIO import StringIO
class ParsInsert(CommandLineApplication):
    """ParsInsert application Controller"""
    _command = 'ParsInsert'
    _input_handler = '_input_as_multiline_string'
    _parameters = {
                    # read mask from this file
                    '-m':ValuedParameter('-',Name='m',Delimiter=' '),
                    # read core tree sequences from this file
                    '-s':ValuedParameter('-',Name='s',Delimiter=' '),
                    # read core tree from this file
                    '-t':ValuedParameter('-',Name='t',Delimiter=' '),
                    # read core tree taxomony from this file 
                    '-x':ValuedParameter('-',Name='x',Delimiter=' '),
                    # output taxonomy for each insert sequence to this file
                    '-o':ValuedParameter('-',Name='o',Delimiter=' '),
                    # create log file
                    '-l':ValuedParameter('-',Name='l',Delimiter=' '),
                    # number of best matches to display
                    '-n':ValuedParameter('-',Name='n',Delimiter=' '),
                    #percent threshold cutoff
                    '-c':ValuedParameter('-',Name='c',Delimiter=' '),
    def _handle_app_result_build_failure(self,out,err,exit_status,result_paths):
        """ Catch the error when files are not produced """
        raise ApplicationError, \
         'ParsInsert failed to produce an output file due to the following error: \n\n%s ' \
         % err.read()
    def _get_result_paths(self,data):
        """ Get the resulting tree"""
        result = {}
        result['Tree'] = ResultPath(Path=splitext(self._input_filename)[0] + \
        return result
def insert_sequences_into_tree(aln, moltype, params={}):
    """Returns a tree from placement of sequences
    # convert aln to phy since seq_names need fixed to run through parsinsert
    # convert aln to fasta in case it is not already a fasta file
    aln2 = Alignment(new_aln)
    seqs = aln2.toFasta()
    parsinsert_app = ParsInsert(params=params)
    result = parsinsert_app(seqs)
    # parse tree
    tree = DndParser(result['Tree'].read(), constructor=PhyloNode)
    # cleanup files
    return tree