# Copyright 2002 Ben Escoto
# This file is part of rdiff-backup.
# rdiff-backup is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
# Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
# option) any later version.
# rdiff-backup is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with rdiff-backup; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307
"""list, delete, and otherwise manage increments"""
from __future__ import generators
from log import Log
import Globals, Time, static, statistics, restore, selection, FilenameMapping
class ManageException(Exception): pass
def get_file_type(rp):
	"""Returns one of "regular", "directory", "missing", or "special"."""
	if not rp.lstat(): return "missing"
	elif rp.isdir(): return "directory"
	elif rp.isreg(): return "regular"
	else: return "special"
def get_inc_type(inc):
	"""Return file type increment represents"""
	assert inc.isincfile()
	type = inc.getinctype()
	if type == "dir": return "directory"
	elif type == "diff": return "regular"
	elif type == "missing": return "missing"
	elif type == "snapshot": return get_file_type(inc)
	else: assert None, "Unknown type %s" % (type,)
def describe_incs_parsable(incs, mirror_time, mirrorrp):
	"""Return a string parsable by computer describing the increments
	Each line is a time in seconds of the increment, and then the
	type of the file.  It will be sorted oldest to newest.  For example:
	10000 regular
	20000 directory
	30000 special
	40000 missing
	50000 regular    <- last will be the current mirror
	incpairs = [(inc.getinctime(), inc) for inc in incs]
	result = ["%s %s" % (time, get_inc_type(inc)) for time, inc in incpairs]
	result.append("%s %s" % (mirror_time, get_file_type(mirrorrp)))
	return "\n".join(result)
def describe_incs_human(incs, mirror_time, mirrorrp):
	"""Return a string describing all the the root increments"""
	incpairs = [(inc.getinctime(), inc) for inc in incs]
	result = ["Found %d increments:" % len(incpairs)]
	if Globals.chars_to_quote:
		for time, inc in incpairs:
			result.append("    %s   %s" %
		for time, inc in incpairs:
			result.append("    %s   %s" %
						  (inc.dirsplit()[1], Time.timetopretty(time)))
	result.append("Current mirror: %s" % Time.timetopretty(mirror_time))
	return "\n".join(result)
def delete_earlier_than(baserp, time):
	"""Deleting increments older than time in directory baserp
	time is in seconds.  It will then delete any empty directories
	in the tree.  To process the entire backup area, the
	rdiff-backup-data directory should be the root of the tree.
	baserp.conn.manage.delete_earlier_than_local(baserp, time)
def delete_earlier_than_local(baserp, time):
	"""Like delete_earlier_than, but run on local connection for speed"""
	assert baserp.conn is Globals.local_connection
	def yield_files(rp):
		if rp.isdir():
			for filename in rp.listdir():
				for sub_rp in yield_files(rp.append(filename)):
					yield sub_rp
		yield rp
	for rp in yield_files(baserp):
		if ((rp.isincfile() and rp.getinctime() < time) or
			(rp.isdir() and not rp.listdir())):
			Log("Deleting increment file %s" % rp.path, 5)
class IncObj:
	"""Increment object - represent a completed increment"""
	def __init__(self, incrp):
		"""IncObj initializer
		incrp is an RPath of a path like increments.TIMESTR.dir
		standing for the root of the increment.
		if not incrp.isincfile():
			raise ManageException("%s is not an inc file" % incrp.path)
		self.incrp = incrp
		self.time = incrp.getinctime()
	def getbaserp(self):
		"""Return rp of the incrp without extensions"""
		return self.incrp.getincbase()
	def pretty_time(self):
		"""Return a formatted version of inc's time"""
		return Time.timetopretty(self.time)
	def full_description(self):
		"""Return string describing increment"""
		s = ["Increment file %s" % self.incrp.path,
			 "Date: %s" % self.pretty_time()]
		return "\n".join(s)
def ListIncrementSizes(mirror_root, index):
	"""Return string summarizing the size of all the increments"""
	stat_obj = statistics.StatsObj() # used for byte summary string
	def get_total(rp_iter):
		"""Return the total size of everything in rp_iter"""
		total = 0
		for rp in rp_iter: total += rp.getsize()
		return total
	def get_time_dict(inc_iter):
		"""Return dictionary pairing times to total size of incs"""
		time_dict = {}
		for inc in inc_iter:
			if not inc.isincfile(): continue
			t = inc.getinctime()
			if not time_dict.has_key(t): time_dict[t] = 0
			time_dict[t] += inc.getsize()
		return time_dict
	def get_mirror_select():
		"""Return iterator of mirror rpaths"""
		mirror_base = mirror_root.new_index(index)
		mirror_select = selection.Select(mirror_base)
		if not index: # must exclude rdiff-backup-directory
		return mirror_select.set_iter()
	def get_inc_select():
		"""Return iterator of increment rpaths"""
		inc_base = Globals.rbdir.append_path('increments', index)
		for base_inc in restore.get_inclist(inc_base): yield base_inc
		if inc_base.isdir():
			inc_select = selection.Select(inc_base).set_iter()
			for inc in inc_select: yield inc
	def get_summary_triples(mirror_total, time_dict):
		"""Return list of triples (time, size, cumulative size)"""
		triples = []
		cur_mir_base = Globals.rbdir.append('current_mirror')
		mirror_time = restore.get_inclist(cur_mir_base)[0].getinctime()
		triples.append((mirror_time, mirror_total, mirror_total))
		inc_times = time_dict.keys()
		cumulative_size = mirror_total
		for inc_time in inc_times:
			size = time_dict[inc_time]
			cumulative_size += size
			triples.append((inc_time, size, cumulative_size))
		return triples
	def triple_to_line(triple):
		"""Convert triple to display string"""
		time, size, cum_size = triple
		return "%24s   %13s   %15s" % \
	mirror_total = get_total(get_mirror_select())
	time_dict = get_time_dict(get_inc_select())
	triples = get_summary_triples(mirror_total, time_dict)
	l = ['%12s %9s  %15s   %20s' % ('Time', '', 'Size', 'Cumulative size'),
		 '-' * 77,
		 triple_to_line(triples[0]) + '   (current mirror)']
	for triple in triples[1:]: l.append(triple_to_line(triple))
	return '\n'.join(l)