Author: Peter Banka and Shawn Sherwood


        Bombardier is a command-line system that allows a system admins to manage a
large number of computers in his or her datacenter over ssh. You can compare
Bombardier to Chef ( or ControlTier (
Bombardier has a more secure than either of those systems and provides a
better user interface (command-line) that (we think) most system
administrators will prefer for daily work to web-based interfaces (which
you are limited to with the other products). 
For common tasks such as deploying software or making changes to system
configuration, this tool can make these tasks a lot faster and a lot more
reliable. The basic approach is to drive automated SSH sessions over expect.
There are three major pieces of code to this thing:
# A "client," which installs on the computers you want to manage. The client
  does not run as a service, it is more accurately described as client-side
  libraries. The client software can be automatically installed by the server.
# (THIS PACKAGE)A server, which runs under Apache and provides a ReST
  interface, and a daemon. The daemon is responsible for managing ssh
  connections to the computers in the network.
# A command-line interfce (CLI), which provides an efficient Cisco-style
  command-line for driving the whole system.