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Starting with CMFCore and CMFDefault versions 2.2.0 the CMFActionIcons
product is obsolete. Its functionality has been folded into the
core CMF packages.


The action icons tool provides a centralized registry mapping CMF
"actions" (identified by their category and ID) to additional presentation
metadata (display title and icon).  The skins here show alternative
mechanisms for using this metadata within a site template.


Products.CMFActionIcons Changelog

2.1.3 (2010-08-08)

- no changes from 2.1.3-beta2

2.1.3-beta2 (2009-11-18)

- Restore contents of metadata.xml file.

2.1.3-beta (2009-11-17)

- backported all trunk changes as of November 2009 to the 2.1 branch, 
  except for the (unnecessary) Zope 2.12 requirement. The 2.1 branch 
  will be the "final" release branch for CMFActionIcons.

- Cleaned up / normalized imports:

  o Don't import from Globals;  instead, use real locations.

  o Make other imports use the actual source module, rather than an
    intermediate (e.g., prefer importing 'ClassSecurityInfo' from
    'AccessControl.SecurityInfo' rather than from 'AccessControl').

  o Avoid relative imports, which will break in later versions of Python.

- profiles: Removed obsolete local import and export step registrations.

- setup handler: Registered steps globally.

2.1.2 (2008-09-13)

- no changes from 2.1.2-beta

2.1.2-beta (2008-08-26)

- completed devolution from monolithic CMF package into its component
  products that are distributed as eggs from PyPI.

2.1.1 (2008-01-06)

- no changes


- GenericSetup profile: Fixed dependency in import_steps.xml.

- Testing: Derive test layers from ZopeLite layer if available.

2.1.0 (2007-08-08)

- Fixed all componentregistry.xml files to use plain object paths and strip
  and slashes. GenericSetup does only support registering objects which are
  in the site root.

2.1.0-beta2 (2007-07-12)

- moved the Zope dependency to version 2.10.4

- Fixed interface declarations added in 2.1.0-beta.

- Remove antique usage of marker attributes in favor of interfaces,
  leaving BBB behind for places potentially affecting third-party code.

- Add POST-only protections to security critical methods.

2.1.0-beta (2007-03-09)

- moved the Zope dependency to verson 2.10.2

- Tool lookup and registration is now done "the Zope 3 way" as utilities, see

2.1.0-alpha2 (2006-11-23)

- moved the Zope dependency to version 2.10.1

- Fixed test breakage induced by use of Z3 pagetemplates in Zope 2.10+.

- browser views: Added some zope.formlib based forms.

- testing: Added test layers for setting up ZCML.

2.1.0-alpha (2006-10-09)

- skins: Changed encoding of translated portal_status_messages.
  Now getBrowserCharset is used to play nice with Five forms. Customized
  setRedirect and getMainGlobals scripts have to be updated.

- Profiles: All profiles are now registered by ZCML.

- ZClasses: Removed unmaintained support for ZClasses.
  Marked the 'initializeBases*' methods as deprecated.

- Content: Added IFactory utilities for all content classes.
  They are now used by default instead of the old constructor methods.

- Content: All content classes are now registered by ZCML.
  ContentInit is still used to register oldstyle constructors.

- setup handlers: Removed support for CMF 1.5 CMFSetup profiles.

Earlier releases

For a complete list of changes before version 2.1.0-alpha, se