Author: Christian Ledermann


        Project Description
        Taghelper uses Zemanta, OpenAmplify, Evri, OpenCalais, Yahoo, SiLLC
        Installation with buildout
        Add collective.taghelper to the eggs section of you buildout: ::
            eggs =
        Activate the product in your add ons section. This will install a Tag Helper
        controlpanel in you site setup. You have to fill in the API Keys for the
        webservices you want to use and choose if you want to use the local content
        or the destination of a link if your content type has an attribute remote_url
        (In Plone OOTB this would be the link type). The product adds
        a new tab for your content named tagging. In this form you can choose the
        keywords you want to add to your content. Keywords assigned earlier
        manually will be preserved.
        - Code repository:
        - Questions and comments to
        - Report bugs at
        Change history
        0.3.1 (2011/12/19)
        - fix unicode errors
        - catch error if evri does not return any results
        0.3 (2011/12/08)
        - add Zemanta, OpenAmplify, Evri
        - make relevance configurable where applicable
        0.2 (2011/11/16)
        - add AlchemyApi
        - get tags asynchronsously via AJAX
        - comment out rarely used api methods to reduce clutter
        - ommit tags that are already assigned as keywords
        - add terms of use for webservices
        0.1 (2011/02/22)
        - initial release
        - Created recipe with ZopeSkel