Author: Peter Bengtsson



IssueTrackerProduct is a bug/issue tracker for Zope2.

This project started in around 2001 and was originally called
SiteTracker. The suffix "Product" comes from the fact that to external
plugins added to Zope2 projects where placed in the "Product" directory.


0.14.2 (2013-07-21)

- Fixed CHANGES.txt for docutils. [sureshvv]

0.14.1 (2013-07-21)

- Eggify product [sureshvv]

- Display time in user's TZ [sureshvv]

0.13.1 (2013-01-01)

    Bug fixed. Rare condition of sorting filtered issues could cause a

0.13.0 (2013-01-01)

    Bug fixed. Saved filter cookies were saved with just the ID of the
    issuetracker instance which could cause conflicts on different
    issuetrackers under the same ID.

    Bug fixed. Issue duplication check with brackets or quotation
    marks could cause a ParseError due to ZCatalog search.

    New feature. Ability to edit actual time per followup if you're
    manager or author.

    Bug fixed. Thread default actual_time_hours to 0.0 so you can use
    the ZMI property sheet to update it.

    New feature. Greatly optimized how getModifyTimestamp is done on
    the whole IssueTracker.

    Bug fixed. Adding followups on out-of-date trackers without the
    'threaddate' DateIndex is now not failing with an error.

    New feature. Full issue activity report if you enable "Actual time
    per follow up"

    Bug fixed. Follow ups weren't indexed properly when created. Had
    to Update Everything to update monthly summary report.

    New feature. All whitespace optimized .css and .js files are put
    into subdirectory called `.autogenerated`.

0.12.0 (2013-01-01)

    New feature. All CSS and JS that was served as DTML now served as
    plain files.

    New feature. Urgency of an issue included in the subject line of

    Bug fixed. Badly raised UnicodeDecodeError on parsing emails in.

    Bug fixed. Finding and making links to issues with IDs higher than
    the current number of digits used for IDs not matches.

    New feature. Can enable so that 'Always notify' means it sends
    notifications on all followups and not just new issues.

    New feature. Followup duplicates are only duplicates if they have
    the same name and content and was posted within 5 minutes. (Thanks

    New feature. Mobile web XHTML version which is lighter and more
    optimized CSS margins.

    Bug fixed. Possible KeyErrors raised on deleting session keys when
    running Zope in a cluster.

    Bug fixed. CSS corrected so body of issue text gets the same font
    as the rest of the page.

    New feature. Ability to override which email addresses to notify
    on a followup.

0.11.0 (2013-01-01)

    Bug fixed. Saved filters that refer to objects that no longer
    exist could cause an error on the filter option.

    New feature. Monthly summary report

    New feature. By default ID is shown with title on new Issue
    Tracker instances.

    Bug fixed. Page AddIssue now security protected with the same
    permission as for submitting issues.

    New feature. Made IssueTrackerProduct work in Zope 2.12. (Thanks
    Suresh V)

    New feature. Now possible to filter by assignees.

    New feature. Home page list of recent issues is much optimized by
    using the catalog to search by 'modifydate'.

    Bug fixed. Editing urgency and type on submitted issues could
    cause UnicodeDecodeError.

    New feature. Added Markdown as a display format option if installed.
    To enable, just install markdown on the python path.

    Bug fixed. Previewing an issue with chosen sections that are
    non-ASCII caused a UnicodeDecodeError.

    New feature. DEFAULT_ENCODE_EMAILDISPLAY is disabled by default in
    new trackers. Issuetrackers are rarely public.

    Bug fixed. Custom checkbox boolean fields whose values were True
    appeared as a unchecked checkbox on editing details (Re