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Author: "Quintagroup": http://quintagroup.com/

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/q/quintagroup.plonetabs/quintagroup.plonetabs-1.0.zip


This product allows Plone websites to manage portal_actions tool from
portal_control_panel configlet in an easier way. Especially using rich (Ajax
based) mode.

This is a fully rewritten version of qPloneTabs product.

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* quintagroup.plonetabs allows editing portal tabs, document actions, site actions, folder buttons (and other portal_actions tools) - all via Plone Control Panel
* possibility to make items visible/invisible
* possibility to change items order by simple drag-and-drop


To create new Plone tabs go to your Site Setup:

* Select Plone Tabs from the list of Add-on Products Configuration
* In the Select category to manage select what items you want to manage
* Enter the name and the link of the tab you want to create
* Click Add button

To change tabs order:

* Click on the arrows next to the item title you want to change position for
* Move it up/down to the necessary place


You can watch Plone Tabs Screencast
http://quintagroup.com/cms/screencasts/qplonetabs to see how to use this
products on your Plone instance. Learn how to install Plone Tabs product on a
buildout-based Plone instance, how to create new tabs, change their order, how
to delete or edit tabs, as well as Plone actions items.


* Plone 4.x
* Plone 3.x

Rich (Ajax based) mode works for

* Firefox 2+
* IE 7+


* In case you are using browser which is not compatible with the given product (see list above for compatible browsers), you can easily switch to 'Plain Mode' and use basic HTML forms without any javascript functionality. That plain mode should work for any browser ;-)

* If you were using qPloneTabs product before and now you want to install this new package then before installing quintagroup.plonetabs uninstall qPloneTabs product from quickinstaller tool, then remove it from Products folder and only after that install quintagroup.plonetabs package.


* See Plone Tabs screencast at http://quintagroup.com/services/plone-development/products/plone-tabs to learn how to use this products on your Plone instance.


* Godefroid Chapelle [gotcha]


* Vitaliy Podoba [piv]


1.0 - (25-02-2014)

* Added French translations from transifex, thanks Marc Sokolovitch
  [kroman0, msoko]

* Updated code according with pep8, pylint, pyflakes
  [kroman0, potar]

* Fixed tests and compatibility with Plone 3  (added plone detecting)

* Added plone.browserlayer to install_requires (setup.py)

* Added more tests, cleanup code

* Added description field

0.7 - (12-03-2012)
* Updated permissions. Starting from Plone 4.1 it is necessary
  to import permissions.zcml from Products.CMFCore.

0.6 - (21-06-2011)
* Merged plone4 branch [chervol]

* Confirmed plone4 compatibility [gotcha]

* Take care of the case when there are no tabs [gotcha]

0.5b1 - Unreleased

* Updated documentation appropriately to changes and made it a valid reST text.

* Added tests, including tests for javascript code (using ecmaunit.js and
  Selenium tests (be means of kss.demo package)).

* Added Ukrainian translation.

* Made package fully translatable.

* Added possibility to explicitly change configlet edit mode, between
  rich (Ajax based) and plain (basic HTML) modes.

* Added uninstall procedure.

* Got rid of TODO.txt file.

* Added browser layer for installed product. Used it for browser views.

* Now portal status messages are hidden after 10 seconds (of course this