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`Silva`_ is a Zope-based web application designed for the creation and
management of structured, textual content. Silva allows users to enter
new documents as well as edit existing documents using a web

Silva stores the content in a structured format, and keeps a strict
separation between the way the content is used and the way it is
presented. This leads to several important advantages:

* The same content can be used in different media, such as the web,
  paper, or word processor content. Web publication of content is
  native to Silva as it is based on Zope, but Silva also has export
  filters to various formats.

* The content is future proofed and not out of date as soon as you
  want to use a new system or present it in a different way.

* The structuring of the content facilitates more sophisticated
  searching and indexing.

Silva supports (but does not require) a separation between authors who
can create new content and editors who can approve whether content
actually gets published. It also allows delegation of editing or
authoring responsibilities of a section of the publication to
others. Thus, users can be empowered (avoiding a single-person
bottleneck), without the loss of editorial control.

To assist in the publication process, Silva implements workflow where
multiple versions of the same document are kept around at the same
time. One version of a particular document may be published while
another version can be edited at the same time.

Silva is extensible with new document types and other types of content
objects, others skins ...

For more information please consult the site:

Code repository

You can find the code of this extension in Git:

.. _Silva:


Silva 3.0.4 (2013/12/23)

- Add a site-level quota feature. On the welcome form you get at the
  Zope root, you can configure a site-level quota for a given
  site. This quota cannot be changed from within the site.

- Various services are now configurable in SMI under Site preferences.

- Silva Ghost Asset have been added. They are ghost content for
  assets. When ghosting a Folder, Silva Ghost Asset will be created
  for each corresponding asset, instead of copying them over. The
  ghost code have been reviewed a cleaned a bit.

Silva 3.0.3 (2013/10/09)

- Fix various bugs:

  - Regarding broken links and broken ghost.

  - Allow empty string as resize specifier for images.

- Refactor icon support to support different icons for different file

- Refactor and optimize how the last modification date and last author
  is set. It is now set on contents at the end of the request, just
  before the content is being re-index. This feature is disabled
  during upgrade (the last modification date and author are not set on
  content during upgrades).

Silva 3.0.2 (2013/05/24)

- Fix various bugs:

  - You can no longer create a folder called index,

  - You can synchronise a copy of an outdated ghost folder,

  - Keep expiration date of a version if you make a new copy of it and
    the date is in the future.

- Add support for customizing HTTP headers on most of the default
  Silva contents.

- Rename metadata sets.

- Add a method to repair the order of the ordered container.

- Improve tests.

Silva 3.0.1 (2013/03/06)

- Update Silva XML import and export feature to a new API that
  tolerate and report problems during the import. Performances of the
  export and import have been improved in order to consume less
  memory, to allow larger exports and imports.

- Fix various bugs when an Image doesn't have any payload (meaning the
  image is missing).

- Add a name chooser for Zope contents, that is used by the Silva Root
  add form.

- Support symbolic links for extensions (meaning the path Zope see is
  a symbolic link to a real extension).

- Silva Containers (Folder, Publications...) now provides a