Author: Nikos Kokolakis


Bo is a chatbot written in Python. It can run either as a standalone program or easily be embedded in your own program.

Bo is distributed under the BSD licence, check LICENSE_ for further information.

Getting your very own copy of Bo
The easiest way to get Bo running is deploying it on Heroku_:

.. sourcecode:: console

    $ git init bo-heroku
    $ cd bo-heroku/
    $ heroku create --stack cedar
    $ wget ""
    $ echo "-e hg+" >>requirements.txt
    $ echo "worker: bo -c config.yaml" >Procfile
    $ wget -O config.yaml ""

Edit the created ``config.yaml`` to set your password, possibly add extra plugins, and execute the following to get Bo running:

.. sourcecode:: console

    $ git commit -a -m 'init'
    $ git push heroku master
    $ heroku ps:scale worker=1

If you are having issues running Bo, use ``heroku logs`` to see the output from Bo and ``heroku restart`` to restart it.

Plugins add extra functionality to Bo. The provided plugins can be found in ``bo/dist/plugins``.

.. _Heroku: