Author: Martijn Faassen and community



Formulator is a tool to help with the creation and validation of web
forms. Form fields are stored as objects in Zope 2, in a special Form

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* manage form fields through the Zope management interface.

* manage field look & feel as well as validation and processing

* automatic field validation.

* determine field order and group fields together.

* easy extensibility with new field types.

* online help.

* serialization of form to XML and back.


You need to install either zeam.form. The best to install this product
is to use buildout and let it resolves the dependencies.


Formulator comes with online help, so click on *Help!* in the Zope
management screens. If you want your brain to explode, read the
*How Formulator Eats its Own Dogfood* help topic.

Information is also available at the Formulator web site::

There are also instructions to join the Formulator mailing list there.
Discussion about Formulator should preferably happen on the mailing list
first, though you can always mail me as well. But please consider the
list if you have questions or suggestions.

Even more info can be found by reading the source. :)



- Martijn Faassen ( -- Main developer, design and

- Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar (robbenhaar at -- Many
  bugfixes and feature additions.

Many thanks go to:

- Kit Blake (kitblake at -- UI help and design help.

- Yury Don (yura at -- contributed EmailField and
  FloatField, design and implementation help.

- Stephan Richter (srichter at -- contributed LinkField
  and FileField. Contributed PatternChecker module used by
  PatternField. Other design and implementation help.

- Nicola Larosa (nico at -- feedback and bugfixes.

- Magnus Heino (magus.heino at -- feedback and bugfixes.

- Joel Burton (jburton at -- feedback and bugfixes.

- Ulrich Eck (ueck at -- much help and patience with the
  TALES tab.

- Dirk Datzert (Dirk.Datzert at -- feedback and

- Max Petrich (petrich.max at -- feedback and

- Matt Behrens (matt.behrens at -- feedback and bugfixes.

- Nikolay Kim (fafhrd at -- code inspiration for

- Godefroid Chapelle (gotcha at -- Bugfixes.

- Alan Runyan (runyaga at -- Fix to email regular expression.

- Sascha Welter (welter at -- Extensive help with email
  regular expression.

- Christian Zagrodnick (cz at -- Unicode awareness fixes
  and XML entry form.

- Iutin Vyacheslav (iutin at -- am/pm feature for DateTime

- Kapil Thangavelu (k_vertigo at -- Enabled
  ':record' rendering.

- Pierre-Julien Grizel (grizel at -- ProductForm.

- Sebastien Robin (seb at -- more consistent ordering in
  XML serialization, bugfixes

- Guido Wesdorp (guido at -- Added extra_item attribute on
  compound fields, bugfixes. Fixed unicode error in XMLToForm.

- Yura Petrov (ypetrov at -- Various FSForm related

- Vladimir Voznesensky (vovic at -- Enabling/disabling of fields,
  bugfix in ``render_view``.

- Jeff Kowalczyk -- Whitespace normalization of sources.

- Paul Winkler, Dieter Maurer -- help with fix so that help system
  doesn't cause ZODB writes on every startup.

- Garito (garito at -- bugfix with the XML serialization
  of DateTime values.

- Maciej Pietrzak (magh at -- Fixes for DateTime validation
  issues in Zope 2.7.

- Patrick Earl (pat at -- Fixes for DateTime / CheckBox
  field rendering.

- He Wei (hewei at -- ZMI and Unicode related fixes.

- Bertrand Croq (bertrand.croq at -- Fixes for a Unicode
  issue related to titles of new fields and