Author: BlueDynamics Alliance



This Product includes CompoundField and ArrayField. Both are fields for use 
within Archetypes Products. 
    field that itself consists of several sub-fields defined in 
    an own Schema. 

    field containing one field severals times.

It also provide basic widgets for both fields.
EnhancedArrayWidget is an improved ArrayWidget, using Javascript to expand and shrink
the array client side. 


  - Zope 2.9.5+, Zope 2.10.x

  - Plone 2.5.+ or 3.0.+

  - Archetypes 1.4.+ or 1.5.+


  Please have a look at the doc-tests in docs directory and the model
  in model the directory.


  Phil Auersperg -- idea, concept, model, code, tests, ArchGenXML integration;

  Jens Klein -- idea, concept; 
  Sune Broendum Woeller -- EnhancedArrayWidget; sune[AT]

  Eric Brehault -- validator; <>


  eduplone Open Source Business Network EEIG, Austria, 2005-2006
  BlueDynamics Alliance, Austria, 2007-2008

  This code was initially created for the ZUCCARO project. 
  ZUCCARO (Zope-based Universally Configurable Classes for Academic 
  Research Online) is a database framework for the Humanities developed 
  by the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max Planck Institute for Art History
  For further information: "": 


 **German Free Software License (D-FSL)** see "":

 This license conforms to the GNU General Public License and is 
 adapted to the particular requirements of German and European law. 
 It was inspired by the 'Berlin Declaration on Open Access to 
 Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities' which was signed by the 
 'Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science'.


  - Improve UI of Widgets (contributions are welcome!)
  - Handle different COMPOUND_FIELD_SEPERATORs in EnhancedArrayWidget 
    (is it needed?)
  - Fix bug with Arrays of Arrays (Do we want to support this at all?)