Author: ETS Developers


        The Mayavi *project* includes two related *packages* for 3-dimensional

- **Mayavi2**: A tool for easy and interactive visualization of data.
- **TVTK**: A Traits-based wrapper for the Visualization Toolkit, a popular
  open-source visualization library.

These libraries operate at different levels of abstraction. TVTK manipulates
visualization objects, while Mayavi2 lets you operate on your data, and then
see the results. Most users either use the Mayavi user interface or program
to its scripting interface; you probably don't need to interact with TVTK
unless you want to create a new Mayavi module.

Mayavi2 seeks to provide easy and interactive visualization of 3-D data.
It offers:

- An (optional) rich user interface with dialogs to interact with all data
  and objects in the visualization.
- A simple and clean scripting interface in Python, including one-liners,
  or an object-oriented programming interface.
- The power of the VTK toolkit, harnessed through these interfaces, without
  forcing you to learn it.

Additionally Mayavi2 is a reusable tool that can be embedded in your
applications in different ways or combined with the Envisage
application-building framework to assemble domain-specific tools.


TVTK wraps VTK objects to provide a convenient, Pythonic API, while supporting
Traits attributes and NumPy/SciPy arrays. TVTK is implemented mostly in pure
Python, except for a small extension module.

Developers typically use TVTK to write Mayavi modules, and then use Mayavi to
interact with visualizations or create applications.

You must have the following libraries installed before installing the Mayavi

* `Numpy <>`_ version 1.1.1 or later
* `VTK <>`_ version 5.0 or later
* `wxPython <>`_ version 2.8 or later
* `configobj <>`_