Author: Antoine Bertin



Subliminal is a python library to search and download subtitles.
It comes with an easy to use CLI (command-line interface) suitable for direct use or cron jobs.

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Subliminal uses multiple providers to give users a vast choice and have a better chance to find the
best matching subtitles. Providers are extensible through a dedicated entry point.

* Addic7ed
* BierDopje
* OpenSubtitles
* Podnapisi
* TheSubDB
* TvSubtitles

Download english subtitles::

    $ subliminal -l en -- The.Big.Bang.Theory.S05E18.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4
    1 subtitle downloaded

Download best subtitles in French and English for videos less than one week old in a video folder,
skipping videos that already have subtitles whether they are embedded or not::

    from babelfish import Language
    from datetime import timedelta
    import subliminal
    # configure the cache
    subliminal.cache_region.configure('dogpile.cache.dbm', arguments={'filename': '/path/to/cachefile.dbm'})

    # scan for videos in the folder and their subtitles
    videos = subliminal.scan_videos(['/path/to/video/folder'], subtitles=True, embedded_subtitles=True, age=timedelta(weeks=1))

    # download
    subliminal.download_best_subtitles(videos, {Language('eng'), Language('fra')}, age=timedelta(week=1))



**release date:** 2014-01-27

* Fix requirements for guessit and babelfish

**release date:** 2013-11-22

* Fix windows compatibility
* Improve subtitle validation
* Improve embedded subtitle languages detection
* Improve unittests

**release date:** 2013-11-10

* Fix TVSubtitles for ambiguous series
* Add a CACHE_VERSION to force cache reloading on version change
* Set CLI default cache expiration time to 30 days
* Add podnapisi provider
* Support script for languages e.g. Latn, Cyrl
* Improve logging levels
* Fix subtitle validation in some rare cases

**release date:** 2013-11-06

* Improve CLI
* Add login support for Addic7ed
* Remove lxml dependency
* Many fixes

**release date:** 2013-10-29

**WARNING:** Complete rewrite of subliminal with backward incompatible changes

* Use enzyme to parse metadata of videos
* Use babelfish to handle languages
* Use dogpile.cache for caching
* Use charade to detect subtitle encoding
* Use pysrt for subtitle validation
* Use entry points for subtitle providers
* New subtitle score computation
* Hearing impaired subtitles support
* Drop async support
* Drop a few providers
* And much more...

**release date:** 2012-09-15

* Fix BierDopje
* Fix Addic7ed
* Fix SubsWiki
* Fix missing enzyme import
* Add Catalan and Galician languages to Addic7ed
* Add possible services in help message of the CLI
* Allow existing filenames to be passed without the ./ prefix

**release date:** 2012-06-24

* Fix subtitle release name in BierDopje
* Fix subtitles being downloaded multiple times
* Add Chinese support to TvSubtitles
* Fix encoding issues
* Fix single download subtitles without the force option
* Add Spanish (Latin America) exception to Addic7ed
* Fix group_by_video when a list entry has None as subtitles
* Add support for Galician language in Subtitulos
* Add an integrity check after subtitles download for Addic7ed
* Add error handling for if not strict in Language
* Fix TheSubDB hash method to return None if the file is too small
* Fix guessit.Language in Video.scan
* Fix language detection of subtitles

**release date:** 2012-06-16
**WARNING:** Backward incompatible changes

* Fix --workers option in CLI
* Use a dedicated module for languages
* Use beautifulsoup4
* Improve return types
* Add scan_filter option
* Add --age option in CLI
* Add TvSubtitle