Author: Zest Software


        Plone HRM

Plone HRM is an open source Plone product designed to manage human

Functionalities (for end users):

PloneHRM is formed around two major types of items: worklocations
and employees. You can create as many worklocations as you need and in
each of them, as many employees as you want without any limitation.
One goal of PloneHRM is to be easy to use, so almost all
functionalities are handled in employee folders and worklocation views.

When seeing the folder of an employee, you have access to several
widgets that help you maintain your employee folder.

Personal data:

- save all personal data about your employee (contact, birth date,
  portrait ...)


- add notes about your employee


- create tasks for each employee
- set a due date for the task. The task will appear orange on the due
  date and red if the task has not been done after the due date
- get a notification by mail on the due date


- save files about your employee (correspondence, passport copies,
  vacations overview ...) 


- create contracts and change letters
- use templates to automatically generate the contract from
  the data of the employee
- manage which days an employee works on odd/even weeks and how many
  hours each day
- get notifications when a contract or a trial period is close to

Job performance interviews:

- use templates to generate the skeleton of your interview reports
- store improvements areas


- create/close an employee absence
- manage percentage of presence/productivity during an absence
- have a history of the percentages evolution
- obtain the exact number of absence days from contract definition
- create interviews about re-integration after long absences
- add notes and files to an absence
- get notified when an employee is absent for a long period

The worklocation page offers six different overviews:

- the list of employees currently employed in a worklocation with
  their contact information
- the improvement area view lets you see all improvement areas defined
  with your employees during the last job interviews
- the absence view provides a year overview of the absences of your
  employees and allows you to export the list of absences for a given 
  period as a CSV file (compatible with Excel)
- the facebook view shows a facebook of your employees with a quick
  access to their folders
- the tasks view shows all tasks that are left to be done and allows
  to change the due date or mark them as done
- the inactive employee view allows you to access the folders of your
  former employees

Incoming features:

PloneHRM is still evolving and some new features are planned for the
coming months:

- new widget to manage employees vacations
- year/month/week overview of the vacations for a worklocation
- new widget to manage correspondence with employees
- new widget to manage education and courses of employees
- template system allowing to automatically generate forms for

PloneHRM features (for integrators):

PloneHRM can be easily integrated in your Plone site. In your
buildout, add the following code::

  eggs =
  versions = versions

  Products.plonehrm = 2.14
  plonehrm.absence = 1.5
  plonehrm.checklist = 1.3
  plonehrm.contracts = 2.6
  plonehrm.jobperformance = 1.3
  plonehrm.notes = 1.1
  plonehrm.notifications = 1.2
  plonehrm.personaldata = 2.0.1

In the next major release (3.0), PloneHRM will be a single package, so
you will not have to specify versions for each sub-package.

Once PloneHRM is installed in your Plone instance, you get the
possibility to add Worklocation objects inside any Plone folder
(except if you restricted addable types of course).

New configlets will also be added in your plone control panel:

- PloneHRM notifications allows you to set when notifications are sent
  by the system.
- absence evaluation templates let you define templates f