Author: Roman V. Kiseliov


        pyExcelerator  is a   library  for  generating  Excel  97/2000/XP/2003  and
OpenOffice    Calc   compatible     spreadsheets.     pyExcelerator     has
full-blown   support   for  UNICODE  in Excel and Calc spreadsheets, allows
using variety of formatting features,   provides   interface   to  printing
options   of   Excel   and OpenOffice  Calc.  pyExcelerator  contains  also
Excel BIFF8 dumper and MS compound  documents  dumper.  Main  advantage  is
possibility  of generating Excel  spreadsheets  without  COM  servers.  The
only requirement -- Python 2.4b2 or higher.
From version 0.5 pyExcelerator can import data from Excel spreadsheets.