Author: Shawn Crosby


        Easy client for connecting to GUS our internal Bug Tracking System.  If you don't work for,
this package won't be very useful to you.

The client acts as a wrapper for the simple_salesforce package which uses the Salesforce REST API.

Additionally, the client will persist your username and security token to make logins a bit easier.  Most
users only know their password.

Ideally you would extend the gus.Gus.Client and add methods to do what you need using simple_salesforce format:

	from gus.Gus import Client
	gus = Client();
...will attempt to log into Gus and prompt you for a username, password and security_token.  If successful,
it will persist your username and security token along with the current session token in ~/.r6_local_data and
use it next time.  If your session token expires, it will prompt you to log in again.

There are a number of client modules that can be used:

	BacklogClient - Lists and modifies work items in gus
	DependencyClient - Lists and compiles team, release and work dependency trees
	ThemeClient - Lists themes
	ScrumTeamClient - Information on scrum teams
An example of how to use this client

	from gus.BacklogClient import BacklogClient
	gus = BacklogClient()
	buildid = gus.find_build_id('MC_185')
	work = gus.find_work('W-1749572')
	gus.mark_work_fixed(work['Id'], buildid)