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Neuroimaging tools for Python.

The aim of NIPY is to produce a platform-independent Python environment for the
analysis of functional brain imaging data using an open development model.

In NIPY we aim to:

1. Provide an open source, mixed language scientific programming
    environment suitable for rapid development.

2. Create sofware components in this environment to make it easy
    to develop tools for MRI, EEG, PET and other modalities.

3. Create and maintain a wide base of developers to contribute to
    this platform.

4. To maintain and develop this framework as a single, easily
    installable bundle.

NIPY is the work of many people. We list the main authors in the file ``AUTHOR``
in the NIPY distribution, and other contributions in ``THANKS``.


Current information can always be found at the NIPY website::

Mailing Lists

Please see the developer's list::


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:

* `Main repository`_ on Github.
* Documentation_ for all releases and current development tree.
* Download as a tar/zip file the `current trunk`_.
* Downloads of all `available releases`_.

.. _main repository:
.. _Documentation:
.. _current trunk:
.. _available releases:


To run NIPY, you will need:

* python_ >= 2.5 (tested with 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3)
* numpy_ >= 1.2
* scipy_ >= 0.7.0
* sympy_ >= 0.6.6
* nibabel_ >= 1.2

You will probably also like to have:

* ipython_ for interactive work
* matplotlib_ for 2D plotting
* mayavi_ for 3D plotting

.. _python:
.. _numpy:
.. _scipy:
.. _sympy:
.. _nibabel:
.. _ipython:
.. _matplotlib:
.. _mayavi:


We use the 3-clause BSD license; the full license is in the file ``LICENSE`` in
the nipy distribution.