HomePage: http://hydrat.googlecode.com

Author: Marco Lui

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/h/hydrat/hydrat-0.9.5.tar.gz

        hydrat - Classifier Comparison Framework

This is the hydrat classifier comparison framework.


- `Distribute`_
- `Buildout`_
- `modern-package-template`_

.. _Buildout: http://www.buildout.org/
.. _Distribute: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/distribute
.. _`modern-package-template`: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/modern-package-template


*Release date: 8-11-2012*

* First "release" of hydrat in a long time. Development has continued, but there has not been an "official release" in awhile.
* This release is intended to support my publication of a langid test harness.

*Release date: 16-10-2010*

* Developed the cherrypy-based store browser. The browser is invoked via 'hydrat browse <file.h5>'
** Split into subcomponents
** Added result deletion via the browser
** Added result-set comparison, showing instances misclassified in a set of results
** Added intelligent class-space reduction in displaying a result's class-class confusion matrix
* Added an xmlrpc server to the online framework. Classification as a service!
* Added merge capabilities to store
* Fixed a missing dependency on pexpect

*Release date: 12-10-2010*

* Removed ~ from the paths considered in autoconfigure
* Made weka easier to autoconfigure
* Added -s to 'hydrat configure' to allow user to specify directories to scan

*Release date: 12-10-2010*

* Improved the CLI options for 'hydrat browse'
* Simplified the Store management in Framework
* Added example code for the ALTW2010 Programming Competition

*Release date: 11-10-2010*

* Fixed a subtle bug in the computation of cosine values.


*Release date: 10-10-2010*

* Extensive work done on many fronts.