Author: Sebastian Thiel, Michael Trier


        **GitPython** is a python library used to interact with Git repositories.

GitPython provides object model read and write access to your git repository.
Access repository information conveniently, alter the index directly, handle
remotes, or go down to low-level object database access with big-files support.

With the new object database abstraction added in 0.3, its even possible to
implement your own storage mechanisms, the currently available implementations
are 'cgit' and pure python, which is the default.

The latest documentation can be found here:

As this version of GitPython depends on GitDB, which in turn needs Async to
work, installation is a bit more complicated if you do a manual installation,
instead of using easy_install.

Please have a look at the `respective section
<>`_ in
the docs for more information.

Upgrading from 0.2
Version 0.3 introduces a few changes regarding the names of modules and class
members which may break existing code written for version 0.2.

If you consider upgrading, please read the `upgrade guide

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