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Quills is an Enterprise Weblog System for the Plone content management system.
It is designed from the ground up to work well and provide specialized features
for a multi-blog, multi-user environment.

Requires Plone 3.1 or later.


There are a few packages that add extra functionality to your Blog.

    Use your Blog with any Weblog Editor that supports the `MetaWeblog API`_.
    This feature requires the ``Products.MetaWeblogPASPlugin`` product to
    be installed into your Plone site.

    .. _MetaWeblog API:


There is a `slight incompatibility`_ with `Quintagroup's Plone
Comments`_ product. To fix it, open the ZMI of your Plone site and go
to the “portal_form_controler”. There select the tab “Actions” and
delete the overide “discussion_reply_form”.

.. _slight incompatibility:
.. _Quintagroup's Plone Comments:


Product Homepage
    Visit ``__ to learn more about Quills.


Mailing List
    Read our mailing list archive at `Google Groups`__, or subscribe to it
    there. To post, write an e-mail to ``__.

Issue Tracker
    Report bugs and request features by using the `issue tracker`__ on our
    product homepage.


Code Repository
    You can find the source code in the Plone Collective Repository at




The following people contributed to the Quills project during the period this 
change-log covers. In lexical order:

- Érico Andrei [erico_andrei_]

- Jan-Carel Brand [jcbrand_]

- Leonardo J. Caballero G. [macagua_]

- Enzo Cesanelli [Luthy_]

- Dorneles Tremea [deo]

- ? [dunny]

- `Jan Hackel`_ [jhackel_]

- `Tim Hicks`_ [tim2p_]

- Jens W. Klein [jensens_]

- Mikel Larreategi [erral_]

- Tom Lazar [tomster_],

- `Wojciech Lichota`_ [sargo_],

- Thomas Clement Mogensen [tmog_]

- Clayton Parker [claytron_]

- `Reinout van Rees`_ [reinout_] 

- Raphael Ritz [raphael_]

- Justin Ryan [justizin_]

- Jon Stahl [jonstahl_]

- Per Thulin [pthulin_]

- Sasha Vincic [svincic_]

.. _Luthy:
.. _`Reinout van Rees`:
.. _claytron:
.. _erico_andrei:
.. _erral:
.. _jensens:
.. _jhackel:
.. _`Jan Hackel`:
.. _jonstahl:
.. _justizin:
.. _macagua:
.. _jcbrand:
.. _tmog:
.. _pthulin:
.. _raphael:
.. _reinout:
.. _svincic:
.. _tim2p:
.. _`Tim Hicks`:
.. _tomster:
.. _`Wojcuech Lichota:
.. _sargo:

1.8a1 (2011-04-10)

- Compatibility with Plone 4 [sargo] (r100977_, r100979_)
- Fixed problem where blog's topics view acquired an object with the tag name 
  from higher up instead of showing blogs with that tag. [jcbrand] (r232360_)

1.7.0 (2009-09-29, r98430_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Thomas Clement Mogensen [tmog]

- internal changes or improvements [tmog] (r97175_, r97195_)

1.7.0 RC3 (2009-08-04, r93625_)