Author: Geoff Davis



CacheFu speeds up Plone sites transparently using a combination 
of memory, proxy, and browser caching. Can be used by itself or 
with Squid, Varnish, and/or Apache. Once installed, your site
should run much faster (about 10x faster by itself or
about 50x faster with Squid).

CacheFu is a collection of products and recipes.  The central 
product is ``Products.CacheSetup`` which when installed via 
easy_install or buildout takes care of pulling in the rest of
the products from the bundle.

The full bundle includes:





Additional optional components include some Squid, Varnish, and
Apache configuration helpers.  See the installation instructions
for more info about these.

The latest information about releases can be found at

CacheFu has been tested with Plone 2.5+ and Plone 3.0.
For earlier Plone versions, try the CacheFu 1.0.3 bundle 

Products.CacheSetup Installation

``Products.CacheSetup`` is the python egg version of the old
``CacheSetup`` product.  The egg version automatically takes
care of installing all the dependancies that make up the
CacheFu bundle.  However, the proxy cache configs must
still be downloaded and configured separately.

References to the "Manual" below refer to the new CacheFu
manual nearing completion as of this release.  Visit the 
official CacheFu site,, 
for the latest instructions.

There are three options for installation, and then some
post-installation steps:

(1) Global Install

To install ``Products.CacheSetup`` into the global Python
environment (or a workingenv) using a traditional Zope 2

* Run ``easy_install Products.CacheSetup``. 
  Find out how to install setuptools (and EasyInstall) here:

* If you are using Zope 2.9 (not 2.10), get `pythonproducts`_
  and install it into your Zope instance via::

      python install --home /path/to/instance

.. _pythonproducts:

(2) Local Install (standard buildout install)

To install ``Products.CacheSetup`` into the local zope instance
if you are using ``zc.buildout`` and the ``plone.recipe.zope2instance``
recipe to manage your project:

* Add ``Products.CacheSetup`` to the list of eggs to
      eggs =

* Re-run buildout::

      $ ./bin/buildout

(3) Local Install (old style Product install)

Because its top level python namespace package is called
``Products``, this package can also be installed in Zope 2
as an old style *Zope 2 Product*.

For an old style Product install, move (or symlink) the
``CacheSetup`` folder of this project
(``Products.CacheSetup/Products/CacheSetup``) into the
``Products`` directory of the Zope instance, and restart
the server.

Note that in this case, dependancies are not automatically
installed so you will have to repeat this process for
the rest of the CacheFu bundle: ``Products.CMFSquidTool``,
``Products.PageCacheManager``, and ``Products.PolicyHTTPCacheManager``.

Post-Installation Steps

If installing for the first time:

* After starting up Zope, install the CacheSetup product 
  via the Plone "Add/Remove Products" page

* Optional: Configure via the "Cache Configuration Tool"
  (see "Configuring CacheFu" in the Manual)

* Optional: Install and configure Squid or Varnish
  (see below)

If upgrading from a pre-1.2 version:

* Remove the previous version from the Products 
  directory of the instance.  ``CacheSetup``, ``CMFSquidTool``,
  ``PageCacheManager``, and ``PolicyHTTPCacheManager`` have all
  been replaced by ``Pr