Author: Adam Faulconbridge




PyAChemKit is a collection of Artificial Chemistry software written in Python - a library and collection of tools. 

Artificial Chemistry (AChem) is a spin-off topic of Artificial Life. AChem is aimed at emergence of life from
non-living environment - primordial soup etc.


To install on Ubuntu Linux, run ::

  sudo easy_install -U AChemKit

This package should work on other Linux distributions and versions of Windows, but is untested.

This package requires the following:

* Python   >= 2.6
Some features use the following:

* NetworkX
* GraphViz
Optionally, the following can be installed to improve performance:

* Psyco
* PyPy

The latest version of the source code is available from

The source code additionally requires the following:

* Sphinx   >= 1.0
* Graphviz
* Make    
* LaTeX   
* PyLint   >=0.13.0
* Coverage

For a Debian-based Linux distrbution --- e.g. Debian, Ubuntu --- these can be installed / updated with::

  make setup
(Note, LaTeX is not installed via this method because it is very large. Run ``sudo apt-get install texlive-full`` if you want to be able to compile the PDF documentation.)

There is a makefile that will run some useful tasks for you (generate documentation, test, benchmark). This can be accessed by running the following command::

    make help

This project is licensed under a modified-BSD license. See the fie ``COPYRIGHT`` for details.