HomePage: https://github.com/plausibility/4ch

Author: plausibility

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/4/4ch/4ch-0.3.0.tar.gz


.. _docs: https://4ch.readthedocs.org
.. _repo: https://github.com/plausibility/4ch

fourch (stylized as 4ch) is a wrapper to the 4chan JSON API, provided by moot. It allows you to interact with 4chan (in a READONLY way) easily through your scripts.

Originally <strike>stolen</strike> forked from `e000/py-4chan <https://github.com/e000/py-4chan>`_, but then I moved repos and renamed stuff since I'm pretty bad about that.


- Python 2.7 (what I test with, 2.x might work)
- requests


- This isn't guaranteed to work all the time; after all, the API may change, and 4ch will have to be updated accordingly.
- If a feature is missing, open an issue on the `repo`_, and it may well be implemented.

Running / Usage

- Install & import: ``$ pip install 4ch``, ``import fourch``
- See the `docs`_

If you're interested in contributing to the usability of 4ch, or just want to give away stars, you can visit the 4ch github `repo`_.