Author: C. Andersson, C. Führer, J. Åkesson, M. Gäfvert


        Assimulo is a Cython / Python based simulation package that allows for 
simulation of both ordinary differential equations (ODEs), f(t,y), and 
differential algebraic equations (DAEs), f(t,y,yd). It combines a 
variety of different solvers written in C, FORTRAN and Python via a 
common high-level interface.

Assimulo currently supports Explicit Euler, adaptive Runge-Kutta of 
order 4 and Runge-Kutta of order 4. It also wraps the popular SUNDIALS 
( solvers CVode 
(for ODEs) and IDA (for DAEs). Ernst Hairer's 
( codes Radau5, Rodas and 
Dopri5 are also available.

Documentation and installation instructions can be found at: . 

For questions and comments, visit:

The package requires Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib and additionally for 
compiling from source, Cython 0.15, Sundials 2.4/2.5, BLAS and LAPACK 
together with a C-compiler and a FORTRAN-compiler.