Author: Evan Davey


        #Open Portfolio

Open source django project for portfolio management.  Aims to open up asset management tools used by professional fund managers.

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#Change History


* implements basic functionality
	- create / edit objects through the django admin interface
	- trades can be uploaded as csv or ofx
	- portfolios can be grouped and assigned benchmarks
	- handles investments and reporting in cross currencies
	- management command to download prices, can be run as a scheduled task
	- Highcharts price charts for portfolios and investments
	- benchmark relative portfolio report showing holdings and returns over time
	- investment report showing price chart and other pricing data
	- pandas dataframes and panels used in backend giving substantial flexibility for future reporting enhancements (such as risk calculations, risk weighting analysis, gips compliant returns calcs...)
	- fifo / lifo trade allocations for profit calculations


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#Project documentation 

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