HomePage: http://gc3pie.googlecode.com/

Author: Grid Computing Competence Centre, University of Zurich

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/g/gc3pie/gc3pie-2.1.3.tar.gz


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GC3Pie is a suite of Python classes (and command-line tools built
upon them) to aid in submitting and controlling batch jobs to clusters
and grid resources seamlessly.  GC3Pie aims at providing the
building blocks by which Python scripts that combine several
applications in a dynamic workflow can be quickly developed.

The GC3Pie suite is comprised of three main components: 

 * GC3Libs: A python package for controlling the life-cycle of a Grid or batch computational job
 * GC3Utils: Command-line tools exposing the main functionality provided by GC3Libs
 * GC3Apps: Driver scripts to run large job campaigns 


GC3Libs provides services for submitting computational jobs to Grids
and batch systems and controlling their execution, persisting job
information, and retrieving the final output.  

GC3Libs takes an _application-oriented approach to batch computing.  A
generic ``Application`` class provides the basic operations for
controlling remote computations, but different ``Application``
subclasses can expose adapted interfaces, focusing on the most
relevant aspects of the application being represented. Specific
interfaces are already provided for the GAMESS_ and Rosetta_ suites;
new ones can be easily created by subclassing the generic
``Application`` class.


Most of the time users have lots of different accounts on several
diverse resources. The idea underlying GC3Utils is that a user can
submit and control a computational job from one single place with a few
simple commands.

Commands are provided to submit a job (``gsub``), check its running
status (``gstat``), get a snapshot of the output files (``gget``,
``gtail``), or cancel it (``gkill``).


There is a need in some scientific communities, to run large job
campaigns to analyze a vast number of data files with the same
application.  The single-job level of control implemented by GC3Utils
in this case is not enough: you would have to implement "glue scripts"
to control hundreds or thousand scripts at once.  GC3Pie has provisons
for this, in the form of re-usable Python classes that implement a
single point of control for job families.

The GC3Apps scripts are driver scripts that run job campaigns using
the supported applications on a large set of input data.  They can be
used in production as-is, or adapted to suit your data processing needs.

Installation instructions and further reading

For up-to-date information, please visit the GC3Pie home page at:

Installation instructions are in the ``INSTALL.txt`` file (in this
same directory), or can be read online at: 

.. References

.. _GC3Pie: http://gc3pie.googlecode.com/
.. _GAMESS: http://www.msg.chem.iastate.edu/gamess/
.. _Rosetta: http://www.rosettacommons.org/

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