Author: Paul Mueller


        PyCorrFit can be used for fitting any data on a semi-log plot. The program focusses on 
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and comes with a couple of features that are 
crucial for FCS data analysis:

- Averaging of curves
- Background correction
- Batch processing
- Overlay tool to identify outliers
- Fast simulation of model parameter behavior
- Session management
- User-defined model functions
- High quality plot export using LaTeX (bitmap or vector graphics)

For a full list of features and supported file formats visit
There are also precompiled binaries for various systems.

This package provides the Python module `pycorrfit` and its graphical user interface. The 
graphical user interface is written with wxPython. A HowTo for the installation of the 
latest version of PyCorrFit using pip can be found there:

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