Author: Eric BREHAULT



Plomino is a powerful and flexible web-based application builder for Plone.


* create your own custom applications from a web interface without programming
* create and design forms in WYSIWYG mode
* easily embed charts or maps
* create specific actions with formulas (compute fields, send emails, ...)
* adapt the application behaviour depending on the user access rights and roles
* import/export your application structure and/or your application data,
  including replication between Plomino instances


Plomino is a **through-the-web application builder**, hence:

* it is not a **through-the-web content-type builder** like 
  `Dexterity <>`_, which is perfect to
  create a custom content type but that will always stick to the standard
  content management scenario, while Plomino allows any custom scenario,
* it is not just a **form generator** like 
  `PloneFormGen <>`_, as Plomino provides
  all the services (data storage, search, automation, import/export, etc.) to
  build an entire application. Regarding form generation itself, a major
  difference with PloneFormGen is that Plomino allows editing the form layout
  in its entirety, while PloneFormGen uses a fixed pre-defined form layout.

Resources and documentation

Screencasts and how-tos are available on .

Plomino documentation is available on 
`ReadTheDocs <>`_.

Note: if you think something is missing in the documentation, please send your
pull request at .


Plomino itself is internationalized and translated in seven languages.
Applications built with Plomino can be internationalized (see the 
`related documentation


To deploy Plomino, you need to edit your ``buildout.cfg`` file
and add the following in the ``eggs`` section::

    eggs =

Then you have to run ``buildout`` to realize your configuration::

    bin/buildout -N

Installation on Plone 4.0 and 4.1

If you're using Plone version older than 4.2 you'll need to add some
more directives to your ``buildout.cfg``.

Plomino depends on ````, and ``plomino.tinymce`` requires
``Products.TinyMCE>=1.2.13``. To make Plomino work on pre-4.2 Plone sites
you need to pin those versions in your ``versions.cfg`` section::


and use a known good set for ````.

This means extending your buildout from::

replacing 4.0.9 with the actual version you need.


You can find support on the freenode IRC channel #plomino or using the 
`GitHub issue tracker <>`_


Plomino is continuously tested on Travis |travisstatus|_ and the code coverage 
is tracked on |coveralls|_.

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.. _travisstatus:

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.. _coveralls:



* Eric BREHAULT <>
* Jean Jordaan <>
* Silvio Tomatis <>


The complete list is available `here <>`.


* `Planet Makina Corpus <>`_
* `Contact us <>`_


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.. _makinacom:  http://www.makina-co