Author: Jarn, Wichert Akkerman, Martin Aspeli



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Ploneboard is an easy to use web board. It uses the proven Plone user
interface, and is made for easy integration into Plone sites. The target
audience is businesses and developers wanting a discussion board in their
Plone site.

Ploneboard aims to do one thing, and do it well. It will never be an
over-the-top all-bells-and-whistles message board, but will stay minimal in the
sense that it's living inside an existing content management system - and will
leverage that to the fullest extent possible.

Visit Ploneboard_ in the products area on ``_ for more information.

Ploneboard is sponsored by `the Consumer Council of Norway`_,
`Marshall Mayer, LiveModern`_ and various generous contributors

.. _Ploneboard:
.. _the Consumer Council of Norway:
.. _Marshall Mayer, LiveModern:


3.5 (2014-03-07)

- buildout fixes/update, code cleanup, pep8 and fixes in test, ...

- removed some superfluos indexes. metadata is enough

- update of basque translation

- make travis work
  [Suresh V]

- update german translations

- Fixed RSS for Plone 4.3

- Fixed UnicodeDecodeError on add portlet

- Fix wrong permission check in add conversation viewlet. Fixes #29.

- Check if toPloneboardTime gets a callable and call it to get a Datetime

- Fixed visual issue with HTML lists when WISIWYG editor is enabled 

- Call unmarkCreationFlag method after comment creation, to remove creation flag

- Fixed attachment translations 

- Fixed bug: moderation_form fail to render when using VirtualHostMonster

- Added check in ploneboard tool that allows anonymous users to insert a name in comments/discussions

- Fix rebuild_i18n script [cekk]

- Replaced "getLastCommentUrl" index/metadata with "getLastCommentId".
  This fixes a bug when we have frontend url different from backend.

3.4 (2013-05-11)

- Updated i18n machinery [kiorky]

- More robust & quickier functionnal tests

- Refresh buildout infra

- Better setup for TravisCI tests

- Made tests pass. Added Travis support.

- Fix genericsetup import steps declaration

- Compatilbity with new plone.batching

- Preserve Link with URL as text instead of creating nesting "a" nodes.
  Issue #10 at
  Allow URI with round brackets. Issue #7

- Updated Spanish translations

- Updated i18n support, adding i18n sentences for translation strings, synced
  the pot files and updated the po files.

- Fix issue #11 at

- Fix issue #9 at

- Make pb_attachment a resource js file rather than dtml

- Add forum property that will enable members to edit their own comments

- Fixed imports for Plone 4.3

- Fixed i18n headers, added locales folder and updated pt-br translations

- Add button label to start a new conversation instead of reusing the "add comment"

- Don't show workflow actions and reply button while composing a reply.

- Fix compatibility with classic (non Chameleon) Zope template engine

- Remove "Quick Reply" label. From the users point of view this is just
  a normal reply.

- Do no swallow ConflictError anymore [keul]

- Update number of comments looking at the current users permissions
  (before this the number were updated even if a comment was not published)

- Fixed forum view: