Author: STX Next Sp. z o.o, Igor Kupczy?ski, Rados?aw Jankiewicz, Wojciech Lichota, Sebastian Kalinowski




``stxnext.staticdeployment`` is a tool to deploy Plone site to static files. It supporst Plone 3 and Plone 4 (including sites using Diazo themes).


Edit buildout.cfg and append ``stxnext.staticdeployment`` to eggs and zcml parameters in instance section::

	eggs =

	zcml =

Instance must be rebuild and restarted::

	./bin/instance stop
	./bin/instance start

This product must be also installed inside Plone site. Do do it, go to *Site Setup* -> *Add/Remove Products*, select checkbox near *stxnext.staticdeployment* and click *Install* button.

The configuration is stored in the INI file. The default configuration is contained by the package, but it can be easily overrided by creating the custom `staticdeployment.ini` file in the `${buildout:directory}/etc` folder.

   - stored in INI file
   - created by developer of website
   - can be used by many sites
   - `default configuration`_ (included in egg)
   - default configuration can be overriden by file `${buildout:directory}/etc/staticdeployment.ini`

`staticdeployment.ini` paramaters

``deployment-directory`` (string)
    Where to deploy site. Path can be relative or absolute. Default: `./plone-static`
    If the path is relative, it will be computed from $INSTANCE_HOME (usualy, this
    folder will be ${buildout:directory}/var/instance)

``layer-interface`` (string)
    Default: ``zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IDefaultBrowserLayer``

``defaultskin-name`` (string)
    Skin which will be used during deploy. Default: `Sunburst Theme`

``deploy-plonesite`` (boolean)
    If enabled home page will be deployed also as `index.html` in root of ``deployment-directory``. Default: ``true``

``deploy-registry-files`` (boolean)
    Deploy registry files (CSS, JS, KSS)? Default: ``true``

``make-links-relative`` (boolean)
    Make all links relative (otherwise they will be absolute). Default: ``false``

``add-index`` (boolean)
    Add `index.html` to all links (that should have `index.html`).

``page-types`` (list)
    Page types that should be deployed. For example: ``ATDocument``, ``ATFolder``

``file-types`` (list)
    File types that should be deployed. For example: ``ATBlob``

``skinstool-files`` (list)
    Additional files (from ``plone_skins`` tool) which should be deployed. For example: `plone_images/favicon.ico`

``additional-files`` (list)
    Other files to deploy. For example: `sitemap.xml.gz`

``additional-pages`` (list)
    Other pages that should be deployed. For example: `sitemap`

``deployable-review-states`` (list)
    Only pages with review states listed here will be deployed. Default: `published`

``path-filter`` (string)
    An option to deploy just the contents below the given path. Default: `empty string`

``deployment-steps`` (list)
    Optional list of named adapters (IPloneSiteRoot, IDeploymentStep), that will be
    called after all the deployment is executed. The adapters will be called in the
    same order of this list.


When website is ready to deployment go to *Site Setup* -> *Static deployment* -> *Deployment* tab. Select *Deploy static version of website* checkbox and press *Save* button. Deployment will work for few seconds or minutes (it depends on size of website and server performance).

.. _default configuration:

Author & Contact

 * Igor Kupczy?ski <````>
 * Rados?aw Jankiewicz <````>
 * Wojciech Lichota <````>
 * Sebastian Kalinowski <````>

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